One arrested, one still at large in reported theft of $14,000 cash at Oaks Mall


Dominick Nataniel Sampson, 24, was arrested yesterday evening following a reported robbery of $14,000 cash from another man at the Oaks Mall.

The victim told police that two men, both of whom he had known for many years, approached him and asked him to come outside the store where he was shopping. He said he knew they were about to “jump” him, but he left the store and was followed by the two men. He said that as he approached an exit, the two men attacked him and took his Gucci bag with $14,000 cash inside. He said he was able to follow Sampson outside, but the other man fled the area.

Outside the mall, the victim started arguing with Sampson and they both got into a fighting stance, but a law enforcement officer showed up and stopped the fight.

A Gainesville Police Department officer arrived at that point and saw blood on the victim’s shirt, which the victim said was from the incident inside the mall. Sampson reportedly told the officer where the Gucci bag was located, and the bag was found at that location, but there was no cash inside. Sampson reportedly told officers that he knew where the bag was because he saw the victim drop it; the victim said he didn’t know where the bag was because it had been taken from him. Sampson was released at that point because it was unclear what had happened.

The officers continued to investigate, talking to witnesses in stores near where the incident occurred. One witness said he saw the whole incident and that Sampson had come up behind the victim and hit him so hard that he stumbled. According to that witness, the other assailant “bear hugged” the victim, and Sampson hit him “extremely hard.” Then the witness said they all began to fight, with Sampson and the other assailant getting the upper hand. After they all ran off, the witness said Sampson came back for the Gucci bag. That witness was able to positively identify Sampson in a photo line-up but was not able to positively identify the second man.

Another witness from a different store said he saw part of the incident and that he had seen Sampson grab the Gucci bag and take money out of it.

Sampson was arrested about 4 hours later near his home. Post Miranda, Sampson reportedly said he had never touched the bag or taken anything out of it.

Sampson already had a pending hearing in a third violation of probation from a 2017 case in which he was charged with carrying a gun on the campus of Santa Fe College. He has been charged with unarmed robbery in this case. He is being held on $10,000 bail and will have a GPS monitor attached before release.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

    • Maybe he doesn’t like banks. —But this guys bond is way
      Too low and he previously was in trouble with a gun and now ribbery..Poe & Co
      wants to let him go in the name of equity so he can
      “Sorta build back better”…

    • Shannon: you are questioning whether he’s the victim
      Or the crime? He’s the victim. He got robbed.

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      • That he was stupid enough to get a tattoo in a place
        That can’t be covered up and he’s easily identified…
        To get a conviction, you need to identify the accused.
        You got a tattoo on your neck Chatkat or a tear drop
        On your face? If so, it may look cool but not smart.

        • Yeah, I was robbed by a black guy with a bunch of braided hair and a big tattoo on his neck of a green broken heart with the word love spelled in it. That’s a positive ID even if the guy wore a face mask.

        • I actually do not have any tattoos. I do not really think any of these guys think long term. 2020 really made these guys think for today and whatever works for the now. Living without the thought of consequences. As you say getting a very recognized tattoo and committing a crime. No planned out thoughts there.

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    • Some people die and they find millions under the
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      Money around with me…it’s my money…is it still
      A free country? Would you feel better if it was less
      Than $10k? $14,000 is not a lot of money anymore with
      The printing of it and inflation and all…I’m ok with you
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