Pedestrian killed on Archer Road


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A female pedestrian was hit by multiple cars on Archer Road this morning and died from her injuries.

At 6:45 a.m., a car traveling eastbound in the inside lane of Archer Road drove through a green light at SW 63rd Boulevard, and at the same time, an unidentified black female walked into the lane of travel while crossing the road southbound. According to Florida Highway Patrol, the car swerved and braked to avoid striking the woman but made minor contact with her, causing her to fall.

A car traveling behind the first car in the same lane did not see the woman and hit her; the woman died from her injuries.

  • Tragic someone died just to verify something.

    Crosswalks and crossing signals exist for a reason, they help with pedestrian safety. I cross the streets quite often and it’s astounding how many people don’t utilize them. Unfortunately, someone found out the hard way.

  • Sad. She was probably intoxicated, but there definitely is a subculture of people who cross about 50 feet from intersections. When I rode my bicycle to work, I would see it often. It’s a mental deficiency in these people. Sad.

  • What a horrible experience. I am so sorry for her family and also for the 2 drivers of the 2 cars. Especially the 2nd car.

  • if she was walking south how did the driver miss seeing her if he was traveling east as she would have been in the middle of archer?

    • Eastbound and southbound would make a perpendicular line of transit. If she was walking north or south either an east or westbound vehicle could have struck her.

      Then again, if the light would have been red for the vehicular traffic traveling west to east AND she would have waited for the crossing signal, the chances of impact would have been minimized tremendously.

  • Why was it necessary to identify the victim as a black woman? And why, would someone who wasn’t there blame the victim? Very likely this was a tragic accident, which will be investigated thoroughly. And as for earphones, who is it a writer says was wearing earphones? The victim or either of the drivers? Don’t make judgements without the facts.

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