Pet Paradise Chief Veterinary Officer, UF Alum, Donates Funds to Support Students Who are Passionate about Veterinary Medicine and Higher Education

Press release from Pet Paradise

Dr. Jaime Klimsey Pickett is pledging more than $200,000 to multiple educational institutions. Dr. Pickett is chief veterinary officer and vice president at Pet Paradise, headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. She hopes the gift will encourage students to consider careers in health care and veterinary medicine.

“This donation is made with appreciation and gratitude to the efforts of those who dedicate their lives to education,” said Dr. Pickett. “As we see teacher shortages, understaffed medical facilities, and a limited number of veterinarians, it is important to give back and reinvest in education.”

Dr. Pickett split the gift among several institutions, including:

·      University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine

·      Johns Hopkins University

·      St. Christopher’s School in Richmond, Va.

“Education is part of my fabric and helped guide me to become a health care provider,” added Dr. Pickett. “My family stressed the importance and value of lifelong learning. They supported my respective academic paths and remained committed to my studies.”

Dr. Pickett is a veterinarian with a background in business. She is involved with the overall innovation and vision of Pet Paradise while overseeing all veterinary services for the company, a comprehensive pet care, health, and wellness provider. She previously owned veterinary hospitals in Virginia as well as other businesses outside of veterinary medicine. Dr. Pickett holds a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Studies from Johns Hopkins University, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida, and a Master of Business Administration in Multi-Sector Health from St. George’s University. She serves on the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Committee and on the Board of Directors for The Doorways in Richmond, Va.

Pet Paradise has more than 50 locations across the country, including a resort and veterinary clinic in Gainesville at 19518 West Newberry Road.