Plea deal accepted in child pornography case


Daniel Deaton, 33, has reached a plea agreement for 4 years in state prison on child pornography charges.

Five counts of possession of child pornography were filed on April 6, following what Gainesville Police Department referred to as a “peer-to-peer Dark Web investigation.” A warrant for Deaton’s arrest that specified release on his own recognizance was issued on April 7. The warrant said that the case was initiated through the U.S. Attorney’s Office and that “Pursuant to plea negotiations between the US Attorney’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Defendant’s Attorney, the Defendant will be accepting a plea offer through a State case rather than the Federal case. Defendant has one prior DUI in his history and has been on pre-trial release for the corresponding federal case since 2021.”

Deaton was arrested on April 9 and released on his own recognizance. He pleaded nolo contendere to three of the counts on April 12 in exchange for a sentence of 4 years in state prison. The maximum sentence for the original charges could have been as much as 45 years.

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