Rep. Kat Cammack Sworn In For Second Term In U.S. House Of Representatives

Press release from the Office of Congresswoman Kat Cammack

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Early this morning, Congresswoman Kat Cammack swore her oath of office and was sworn in to her second term serving Florida’s Third Congressional District by newly-elected Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

During the 118th Congress Cammack will represent 12 counties in North Central Florida, including Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Marion, Suwannee, and Union Counties. Cammack gains eight new counties, previously representing Alachua, Baker, Clay, Marion, Putnam, and Union before redistricting took effect following the 2020 U.S. Census.

“I’m thrilled to represent Florida’s Third Congressional District for two more years,” said Cammack. “The last two years serving this area were a true honor, and I’m excited to keep this momentum going into the new year and new Congress. I remain committed to supporting our farmers, ranchers, and producers, increasing access to high-speed, reliable, and affordable internet, and making North Central Florida the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Cammack was the youngest Republican woman in the House during the 117th Congress and will continue to be among the youngest lawmakers in Washington, D.C. this term.

“With Republicans now in the majority in the House, I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues to deliver for the American people through our Commitment to America—strengthening our economy, fortifying our communities and making them safer, protecting our fundamental American freedoms, and holding our government accountable. Republicans are poised to deliver on our policies and I look forward to getting to work.”

  • What exactly has she accomplished since being elected the first time? Go to every grand opening for photo ops.
    Sad state of affairs.

    • I am not impressed with her participation in Congress or her demeanor. She does not represent us in the manner desperately needed. Hopefully, a highly qualified GOP candidate will challenge her in 2024.

      • She does not present herself in the public eye well at all. she acts as if she thinks that she is the only female that can handle a gun. Her mannerisms are not what I
        expect of a public representative. Her spill that she spoke in the nomination of McCarthy was done in very poor taste! From the looks I think that she would enjoy her share of some popcorn and a drink also.

  • I had my doubts about a big blonde woman, but I think she’s great. The wackos probably view her as a future political threat, hence their efforts to cast doubt and try to discredit her. We need a badass fighter and not a Sunday School teacher or old nun with ‘proper demeanor.’ That’s exactly what’s wrong with the Republican Party these days in general. Let’s hope Harmeet Dillon beats Rona McDaniel to lead the RNC. Harmeet is another fighter.

  • I held my nose and voted for Cammack while eagerly supporting Trump in 2020. She has been nothing but a disappointment.

    Since riding the coattail of Trump and his America First message, she has instead turned into a creature of the swamp (DC, not Gainesville!). The last straw was her antics this last week, throwing real Americans under the bus to support Kevin McCarthy and the return to the GOP of Corporations First, Americans Last.

    Miss Piggy will be right at home feeding at the trough of Washington DC.

    • You mean she didn’t act like a complete dunce and try to throw her support behind somebody who wasn’t even running? Bobert and Gaetz came off looking like little kids.

      • A dunce would go along with the same ole GOP nonsense that has sold our country out for the last 50+ years. As a Boomer, I know this is difficult for you to understand. Eventually Americans will see through this false dichotomy of R/D and we will clean up the ashes of destruction that you left in your wake.

        ‘Bobert and Gaetz came off looking like little kids’? We should be so lucky as to have the youth to push back against these geriatric Boomers (and Cammack, who LOOKS like she is 50 years old)

        • The point is they had months to decide who they wanted as speaker. Most of them (90 percent) were able to decide ahead of time. I trust you understand the meaning of “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” Would it really be better to go on, month after month, “standing their ground” like good little soldiers and getting nothing done as far as investigating truly evil people? I don’t like McCarthy either, but I also don’t like Biden, McConnell, Harris, Milley, Austin, Garland, Wray, and plenty of others. And there was no other viable option for Speaker. It’s not like they made him king. I’d rather have someone a lot more badass than McCarthy in his baby blue suit, pink tie, and hair gel. But I can’t always get what I want, like Mick said.


    • Exactly. We cannot expect a woman who has no discipline in her personal life to say no to the temptations of political life. She is a walking stomach and will succumb to whatever interests place the most succulent meal in front of her. Rhinos, MIC, Israel; doesn’t matter; the American people will come last.

    • Trump endorsed McCarthy, and he is the leader of the MAGA movement. DID YOU MISS THAT?!?!? I doubt Gaetz or Boeber will be visiting Mar-a-lago anytime soon. He’s probably on Trump’s sh*t list now, as he should be.

      • Yes, please continue to White Knight for Cammack and our favorite Rhinos. We have the best Rhinos, don’t we folks? Nobody has Rhinos like we do. The best.

        Trump has made a lot of dumb endorsements. Besides his vaccine advocacy, it’s his worst quality.

        God forbid a few elected official stand up to the rubber-stamping of Ukraine funding, Omnibus bills, getting committee positions for actual MAGA personnel, etc.

        “Thank you sir, may I have another?” cries out Mr. Peabody as he is whipped again.

        “Yes Peabody! The beatings will continue until morale improves!” laughs McCarthy as gleefully lashes you again.

        • Hopefully Dillon will win the RNC Chair and the party will no longer be run like a flea market in Central Africa. A little planning and proper execution can go a long way. I realize that’s less dramatic than a showdown on the floor of Congress with Matt Gaetz acting like a gunslinger out of a third-rate western.

  • Did you verify what she had in the press release? Hopefully you treat it the same way you claim on letters you receive.

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