Report concludes that UF College of Medicine indoctrinates students in social justice activism


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Do No Harm, a group that works to “protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology,” has released a report concluding that the University of Florida College of Medicine (UFCOM) is “indoctrinating its medical school graduates in divisive philosophies and other forms of social justice activism.”

The report provides evidence from UFCOM’s own website that the medical school incorporates CRT, “equity,” and “anti-racism” into its official academic practices. According to the report, “Anti-racism in the field of medicine supports the idea that medical care and treatment should be prioritized on the basis of race, while deprioritizing care for others.”

Medical Admissions site featured Black Lives Matter protest

The report notes that the Medical Admissions office at UFCOM makes its first impression on visitors to its website by displaying a photograph of medical students kneeling during a Black Lives Matter protest, holding a sign that reads #WhiteCoatsForBlackLives.

The statement on the website read, “BLACK LIVES MATTER! The UF College of Medicine Office of Admissions unequivocally condemns racism, injustice, and prejudice in all forms. We acknowledge the existence and persistence of systemic oppression and racism that endanger the lives of people of color. We strive for an admissions culture that is reflective, informed and inclusive, dedicated to building a diverse community of future physicians who share a commitment to excellence and equity in healthcare.”

The report notes that this image appeared on the website on October 26, 2022; the image and statement have since been removed, but the October 22 version can be viewed at the Wayback Machine site.

The website also linked to a June 2020 article, Resources for Combating Systemic Racism. In October, that page included this statement, “For those who want to learn more about systemic racism, self-education is key. Please do not further burden your Black friends and colleagues by asking them to expend the energy necessary to educate you. Rather, do the work and use existing resources to learn more on your own.” The article does not appear to be on the UFCOM website today, but the Wayback Machine site shows the previous version.

Diversity Statement emphasizes recruitment of underrepresented groups and “cultural humility”

UFCOM’s Diversity Statement indicates that race and ethnicity will be considered in admissions to the program: “The College of Medicine will continually strive to promote, support and actively enhance the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups to its student body, residency training programs, faculty and staff positions, in conjunction with the education in cultural humility of all trainees and healthcare providers.”

Courses include “distributive justice” and “advancing health equity”

The report lists the learning objectives of required courses, including the principles of health equity, distributive justice, and ethics in healthcare law and policy. Another part of the curriculum focuses on “advancing health equity” with topics such as “Teach and practice medicine with cultural humility,” “Describe how social determinants of health influence patient health and health disparities,” and “Examine bias in healthcare delivery and research.” The page referenced by the report for this information is no longer available on UFCOM’s website.

Code of Ethics requires “speaking out against social injustice”

UFCOM’s Code of Ethics includes standard elements like “Do no harm to our patients” but also includes three consecutive statements advising students to acknowledge “anti-racist” principles:

  • Foster a just and inclusive community by speaking out against social injustice, racism, prejudice, and inequity.
  • Strive to eliminate social barriers to health, health disparities, and inequality within our profession.
  • Acknowledge and minimize our implicit and explicit biases as we relate to others.

UFCOM’s Diversity Statement requires leadership to publicly embrace diversity, inclusion, and health equity

UFCOM’s Diversity Statement instructs that “Senior leadership must publicly embrace, through broad, repetitive and effective communication, a definitive and unequivocal position that diversity, inclusion, and health equity is synonymous with excellence. The diversity, inclusion and health equity strategy must be communicated as a top down initiative in terms of defining this imperative for excellence.”

The University’s Anti-Racism efforts

The University of Florida’s website has a section dedicated to Anti-Racism. The Campus Efforts page, last updated in May 2021, has a long list of plans for each department. Under Medicine, it lists forming a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) Task Force to assess race and racism in the climate and curriculum of UFCOM and a Bias in Assessment Task Force to evaluate concerns of racial bias in evaluation of med students. It also lists Implicit Bias/microaggression training, a Collaboration on Racial Justice fund grant, a “survey of incoming 1st year on social equity and sense of belonging,” and various speakers and events.

University budgets over $2 million to three DEI-related programs

An appendix to the report lists three programs at the university that were allocated over $2 million in the 2020-21 budget: the Chief Diversity Office, Target of Opportunity (increasing faculty diversity by hiring spouses/partners of current faculty members), and Racial Justice Research Fund (support for research “that will inform understanding of the Black experience, racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and beyond).

Conclusion: “UF needs to return to instilling the art of healing into its graduates”

The report concludes, “The University of Florida College of Medicine focuses on instilling philosophies that advocate for promoting anti-racism, health equity, and the incorrect belief that the healthcare industry is systemically racist and is plagued by implicit bias… Concentrating on identity and racial politics instead of academics and the science of healthcare [is] a major problem. UFCOM needs to return to instilling the art of healing into its graduates, rather than seeking to reshape society and ‘transform’ the healthcare industry with discriminatory activism.” 

UFCOM’s response

In a statement sent to Alachua Chronicle, UFCOM wrote, “The University of Florida College of Medicine embraces inclusive excellence where all students, residents, faculty and staff can interact in an environment that includes people from all races, ethnicities, gender identities, religious affiliations, ages, disabilities and socioeconomic backgrounds. We have a holistic admissions process that welcomes students from all backgrounds, including those from underrepresented backgrounds. In accordance with state law, our admissions policy does not favor or give priority to any group. Our curriculum includes social determinants of health, which include access to healthy food, education, income, social support, physical environments and employment ― all of these social determinants influence our patients’ health.”

Read the full report here.

  • none of these people commenting can describe “WOKE”..

    what’s wrong with teaching students medical bias..

    we have to acknowledge 🙌🏾 that some medical books 📚 say that people of color have higher threshold than others.. examples.. black women mortality rate during birth is crazy high because their not taken seriously when they say they have discomfort or pain 🤔.. i/e Serena Williams.

    black people not prescribed Opiods or pain pills.. because of the same issue which backfired when opiods are killing white people more than any other people 🙄.. these are facts..

    black lives matter is something dangerous or taboo to have on website 🤔 no more than support the troops or back the blue.. isn’t that on any law enforcement website in Florida

    • Teaching so called medical bias is one thing. Using a quota system (what was described in the report) to teach anyone less than the best applicants is wrong. Doctors should not be ‘apportioned’ on anything but their qualifications. I don’t care what their ‘diversity’ is; I care about their ability and willingness to fix my medical problem.

      Does anyone else notice that when the term “people of color” is used, it is only an euphemism for black? Just as the BLM movement became a corrupt method for certain leaders to take millions from it. They also never did anything about black on black crime, which is the real elephant in the room.

      It is unfortunate that UF seems to be trying to emulate the distorted universities in CA.

    • I completely agree….White supremist get totally butt hurt if anyone mentions any race other than white or mentions how the white race in this country has badly treated any race other than white; Native Americans, Chinese, Latin Americans and Black people just to name a few. The reason why they are freaking out is that they are on their way of becoming a minority in this country and are afraid that their abhorrent treatment of non-whites will come back to bite them. Losing control is freaking them out

      • You sound like you are freaking out because most hispanic people lean Republican. They are not good “woke soldiers” like you had hoped they would be. They talk about family, faith, and hard work – and their right to raise their kids the way they want. Will you have your hand out to them, too, in the name of “white guilt”? Will hispanics suddenly become white people again, like they always were, instead of “people of color,” when it’s time to pass the woke collection plate around??? I know a young Central American couple who both came here as kids (from the so-called triangle countries) and they are successful, productive people with a nice home. Just like Asians who come here and manage to work a little and succeed, some people probably don’t (or won’t) like hispanic immigrants because they make some other people look like a bunch of lazy moocher-slobs. If people have it in them to hike thousands of miles to come here, they might actually have some working ability. I worry more about the possible terrorists coming across the border from other faraway countries than I do about actual triangle-country immigrants. I grew up thinking of hispanic people as white people, and I went to school with a lot of Cubans. It is ludicrous that Saco – for example – claims she is not white, and she wants to talk about it during meetings. She would check the White-Hispanic box just like I would check the White-Western European box. Hispanic people ARE white people.

      • I am not liable for things done to people by anyone but myself. I did not do any of the things that you claim. Why am I guilty of a crime when I wasn’t even born? How about the fact that neither side of my family was even in the US before the 1870s and therefore I, nor my ancestors, should be held accountable of things done before that by the government of the US. That’s the problem with all of this. Blaming people for things they didn’t do and had no control over is not bringing anyone to your misguided side.

    • Birth mortality rate is probably correlated with quality of prenatal care which is probably correlated with income (and IQ). Different races are prone to different diseases, obviously. Sicilians are prone to orthopedic/hip problems, supposedly from too much inbreeding on the island. Jewish people can carry or get Tay-Sachs. There’s Sickle-Cell Anemia. This is all covered in medicine/pathology classes – not in Woke 101.

      Woke is stupid. I do understand it quite well and could elaborate, but that’s all that needs to be said about it. I will not be held hostage to some stupid beliefs that I am somehow responsible (and should open my wallet and/or be a victim to crimes) because Jermaine can’t go to school, do his work, and at least try to succeed instead of being a juvenile delinquent and not doing his schoolwork because spending time doing schoolwork is a ‘wypipo’ thing. Be stupid if you want – it’s not my problem after 150+ years.

    • What a disgusting and ignorant statement GeeZus.

      I’m a Vietnam era military veteran who was willing to fight and die for my country. How dare you to lower me and police responders down to the selfish idealism of the BLM movement, who by the way, stole from you and never lifted a finger to help you or anyone other than themselves!!!

  • If you not singing the tune you’re no longer in the program! It’s the same situation in the UF College of Law . 1 Republican Professor managed to hold on and stay. It’s complete immersion into one philosophical point of view. Extremely dangerous for any democracy.

    • There should be no politics in healthcare… The photo of those med students wearing masks, taking a knee, & holding a fist up is very disturbing…should I be worried that I will not get proper care from these BLM med doctors because
      I’m Caucasian? Are they not reciting the national anthem too because it’s racist? These people have mental disorders thinking that everything is racist. Biden recently made a statement that airplane seats are racist in economy section because they are not big enough….being woke=
      being racist…being woke=hating white people….that’s what it looks like. Hippocrates is turning in his grave and would not approve of UF’s CRT in its medical school.

  • If the Dem’s have their way they want to institute Medicare for All. What will that mean for us folks who worked our a$$ off and paid into the system for 30 to 40 years? Good luck getting an appointment and any services in a timely manner. You will be just another patient in the system (but paying for those who are here illegally and welfare queens who don’t pay anything) and your access to timely heathcare will be like the VA system. How’s that for equity….leftist style!

    • They’re leftists..divide and conquer…they hate white people…they’re racists…Obama destroyed this country. 8 years of Obama was the worst thing that ever happened…could you imagine the
      Uproar if their was a WLM pulling this crap? It’s the same at every university where professors are subtly indoctrinating students.

  • Fire them all who were behind this. The reason they use CRT is to foster White Guilt because they failed to integrate Black students the last 50+ years. It wasn’t cool to integrate, but easier to make excuses. So, to get non-Black students interested in excusing (accepting Black excuses) too, they initiated a redo of history in line with White Guilt. Excuses only work if both sides agree. Get it?

  • This is a great article…thank you for bringing the topic up for discussion.
    Desantis should take $ away from UF
    If they are going to play the CRT racism game…

  • The face mask is the woke flag…They used medical tyranny to shut the planet down with the Covid scam. Ruined our dollar & economy…do you know what’s going on in China? It’s part of the great reset and new world order.

    • Heads should roll…a comprehensive review of university admissions, and curriculum design in all of UF graduate programs…hiring and tenuring practices should be included …

  • Jennifer you know better. This is not a “report” it is a “opinion piece” by a far right wing group to support its preconceived notion that “Woke is BADDDDDD.” Their links quote Fox News and the Epoch Times as factual news sources. These folks are like most of the AC’s readers. Still butt hurt cuz the CDC said “To prevent covid put down your substitute phallus AR-15 long enough to put on a mask.” A little PreparationH from your woke doctor might help with your butt hurt gentle readers.

    • Where is the good Dr. Walenski? I noticed they kept her out of sight all through the election season. I don’t think any thought was put into hiring her other than her gender and appearance. That’s one more thing Joe messed up. How about that new press secretary? Did they find her at a bowling alley in a bad part of Miami?

    • Falling Gongs
      I agree….
      You should see people look at me now. I wear a mask when I am around people. Not to protect other people, but to try to protect myself. I am immunosuppressed due to meds I am taking for cancer. So I will take any possible advantage to protect myself. I am waiting for the day that one of the ultra-inept right wing geniuses says something to me and calls me woke. In all fairness, they are hard to understand when they don’t have their teeth in….lol

  • White people are so angry about everything. They need to stop dropping out of school and get off all the Meth and Fentanyl. Study hard and pull yourself up out of poverty and stop blaming the government.

  • These students already have baccalaureate degrees. They are old enough to think for themselves. I’m not worried about indoctrination. This isn’t middle school.

  • The Democrats gave us the Trail of Tears, the Slave-Holding Confederate States of America, and the KKK. They support Planned Parenthood where black deaths are over-represented. Look up the article “Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why The South Went To War” at WallBuilders . com.

    How about we focus on the training on the students who are registered Democrats?

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