Residents Encouraged to Take Survey on Recreation Center and Future Programs

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Parks and Recreation Department develops management plans for the Parks and Recreation Master Planning Process. Community input is an important part of this process to better understand County residents’ programs and facility usage. Community feedback will be used to help guide decisions.

A random sampling of residents has been invited to take a survey, and these responses will provide statistically valid results. In addition, The Parks and Recreation Department invites all residents to provide feedback and input through an open-link survey. 

Participate in the online survey.

“Alachua County Parks and Open Space is excited to provide this opportunity to hear from our communities during this process,” said Alachua County Parks and Open Spaces Manager Jason Maurer. “The citizens of Alachua County will have a direct impact on the future growth and development of our parks.”

The results of this survey will create a priority blueprint for where the County can improve, how to grow responsibly, and what programs and recreational opportunities the community would like to see at County Parks. Questions will be asked about what types of improvements residents would like to see and where priorities should be placed.

GAI Consultants lead this project, with survey and data work done by RRC Associates. A total of 4,000 households in the County have been mailed a postcard invitation, and responses from these residents will comprise the statistically valid sample. The open-link survey gives all residents an opportunity to provide feedback, and their responses will be included in the final analysis. While open-link results will be kept separate from the statistically valid responses, these responses will nonetheless provide valuable feedback for the department.

  • Why? They don’t want our opinions. If you don’t hug a tree or make love to a rock your opinion doesn’t matter.

    • ok. No social justice murals or political messages at
      Our parks & recreation centers…it’s not appropriate.

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