School board votes to extend mask mandate for 8 weeks, no parental opt-out


Tonight the Alachua County School Board voted unanimously to extend the school mask mandate for another 8 weeks and not allow the parental opt-out required by the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Education.

After over 3 hours of public discussion, with members of the public on both sides of the issue, Member Rob Hyatt said “To me, it’s not being defiant; it’s being reactive to what the situation is… I’m not looking for a fight… I have to depend on the expertise of the folks who are helping us.”

Member Gunnar Paulson said he wanted the school board to have a plan after the 8 weeks are up, but it was unclear what he was proposing.

Member Tina Certain said, “This is a public health issue… We have to use all the tools that are at our disposal… Our greatest tool that we have in our bag is masking.”

Chair Leanetta McNealy said, “This is important… I know it is my right to do the best of the best… I cannot take one child. We’ve already lost one, but I cannot fathom one other child, not one, getting very ill in the COVID-19, the Delta variant… The variants aren’t going anywhere… We’ll mask more. We’ll vaccinate more… We’ll social distance, and every school that’s being built from here on out will have more square footage.” She said she was upset at what Simon “had to go through” in the meeting with the FLDOE. She said she couldn’t even say the word for her opinion of some of the questions that were asked of Simon. “She was on point, and no matter how they tried to twist… she stuck to what this is all about… They’d like for all of us to be unseated… because we’re standing for what is right.”

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After the unanimous vote, McNealy said they would re-evaluate in 8 weeks.

  • Your local libraries are also playing this game. Visit them. Refuse to wear the mask. See what they do.

    • If they require the mask as a Covid passport to enter
      Then arrest them. Violation of Desantis executive order.

  • This lot had their minds made up before the meeting even began yesterday. McNealy’s rationale is flawed, “not one child” she says as if the rest of the school day is risk free. Yet, children face greater risk just riding bikes, buses, and cars to school. When will the civil disobedience begin?

  • Hmmm…what are the lyrics to “the wall”..Hey you…No matter how they tried to break through, but the
    Wall was too high…and the worms ate into their brains…
    “The wall” is a concept album…I think it’s time for everyone to “put the needle on the record”…
    Hey, teachers! Leave them kids alone. It’s brainwashing
    To make a global totalitarian government. CCP virus,
    CCP medical tyranny to control the people…CCP world control….Joe Biden
    Is going to give the white-house to the United Nations
    Or CCP. “ ——“Don’t give up, without a fight!”

  • All based on pseudoscience, this $&#@ is 100% political and these commies are loving every minute of it! This plandemic gave them the control they wanted and it will NEVER end unless we remove them from power, period!!!!

  • This is great. Give them rope, let them hang themselves. They will NEVER rescind this, even when the current infection surge is over.

    • That’s right. They keep moving the goal posts!
      Why take the shot if you have to wear a mask?
      People are dying from the Covid shot and MSM
      Is keeping it on the low low…the shot shortens
      Telomeres and makes you age faster. Do you want to
      Age faster? Not me. Also causes vascular problems.
      May cause Alzheimer’s because the spike protein
      Passes the blood brain barrier…soon, all the hospitals
      Will be filled and overrun with sick people with complications from the shot…and now the shot doesn’t
      Work with variants and you will need booster shots
      The rest of your life? Natural immunity is the best…
      All the masks, lockdowns, quarantines, shots, is CCP
      Protocol. Why are we following CCP protocol? Because
      They want to destroy our economy and then spread
      Their communism across the world. This a global communist plan to create a one world totalitarian government…there’s lots of leftist communists here that
      Think this is good…they’ve been brainwashed with
      Psy ops. …

  • The Governor must remove the school board members immediately! They must also be prosecuted for violating state law.

    • I see 2 potential paths to resolve this:
      1) get FL Supreme Court to rule
      2) bus the students to the school of parents choice A) 100% mask mandated in that school B) mask-optional school
      We bussed kids during desegregation, we can do it again! But this time segregating kids according to parental mask choice!
      Parents who believe in CDC want their kids in a school that’s CDC compliant! Doesn’t matter if CDC is crap or not! It’s like a religious belief, CDC religion! Parents need to practice whatever religion they want with their kids! Religious freedom, a cornerstone of USA. If parents want to believe CDC & follow their advice, they should have that freedom!

  • Masked Zombies are pretending the Experimental Injections have harmed not one child?

    • (TheCovidBlog) Ivy Avanessian Fua: Los Angeles-area pediatric dentist has stillborn baby
      12 weeks after Pfizer “fully vaccinated”

      Jacob Clynick: 13-year-old Michigan boy develops myocarditis, dead three days after
      second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

      Simone Scott: 19-year-old Northwestern University freshman develops myocarditis,
      receives heart transplant, dead six weeks after second Moderna mRNA injection

      Camilla Canepa: 18-year-old Italian woman develops blood clots, dead two weeks
      after experimental AstraZeneca shot

  • They TRICK parents into sending their kids back to school by telling them that masks will be OPTIONAL but then 2 weeks into the beginning of school they try to MANDATE our children into wearing MASKS as if WE’RE TOO STUPID to know they’re playing GAMES with us!! Then when a parent tries to put their child back onto E-learning they tell the parent it’s too late and they CAN’T as if a parent is supposed to be stupid enough to play in their little games!
    WITHDRAW your student and DEMAND E-learning if masking your child is mandatory!

    • Withhold all state funding. Have state police arrest
      ACSB and teachers who are in violation of executive order.

  • “The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.” — Robert Anton Wilson

  • Now that we have a new board member its time for them to vote out Ms Youre So Vain! Time for some real action! The masks do not stop anything other than normal breathing. Take your masks and shove them. If the Gov doesnt step in before 8 weeks, we the parents will and it will not be very pretty!

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