School board votes to require masks on students for first 2 weeks of school

A doctor tells the school board how important masks are


At tonight’s Alachua County School Board meeting, the board voted unanimously to require masks on students for the first two weeks of school. They will meet on August 17, discuss the situation in the county, and decide whether to extend the mandate.

Masks are required on adults through September 17. Governor DeSantis has issued an Executive Order stating that children will not be required to wear masks in Florida.

A press release from Alachua County Public Schools stated, “Several local doctors reported some disturbing developments at tonight’s meeting, including the fact that at times emergency services such as ambulances have not been available locally because of the number of COVID cases.”

However, Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR) Chief Harold Theus spoke to the Alachua County Commission this afternoon and raised no alarms about ambulance services. He said that ACFR has temporarily stopped transporting step-down patients to other counties and that the hospitals are confident they can manage their capacities.

  • Alachua County Fire and Rescue are great, professional people. We should have little reason to doubt them.
    The School Board, on the other hand, are most probably beholden to the teachers’ unions, and I would be less willing to accept what they say as unvarnished truth.

    • “The school board, on the other hand”…is filled with
      a bunch of commies who are causing psychological
      Damage on the children…”hey, teachers, leave them kids alone”…all in all it’s just another brick in the wall…

  • Desantis gave an executive order that “children will not have to wear masks in Florida”… The ACSB needs to
    Follow orders or be removed in reprisal. It’s no problem
    For the governor to arrest them, throw them in jail, and appoint a New board…

    • What are the charges besides not following the Governor’s order? Because it’s an organized board:
      Racketeering and child abuse. The Governor needs
      To make an example that when he issues an executive
      Order, that it needs to be followed.

        • Just arrest the 6 elected school board members and appoint new ones…that will be the warning cannon shot over that ship of fools…let them pay for their own legal fees too.

          • And make sure they get the Vax and wear masks while in jail to protect the rest of the jail population…that’ll teach
            them a lesson!

  • to Loud & obstreperous – the Alachua County School Board currently has 4 active members (not 6 as you want arrested). There are 5 Districts, 1 the governor declared vacant due to residency requirement
    But if the governor did arrest all 4 they would bond out within minutes. Their trial would be in about 6 months, at great taxpayer expense. Maybe in a year a verdict?
    Next time possibly you should write “arrest them all” without specifying the number & thus avoid this type error.

    • Arrest them all at any expense. Thanks for the correction… stop the child abuse!

  • ACSB, thank you for valuing our children and enforcing masks. Our American children are just as valuable and STRONG as Chinese children. If Chinese children aren’t damaged by wearing masks, why would American children be? Thanks again,

    • Reich? As in related to or just a believer in? The oppression that you “thank them” for can be likened to the tyranny Hitler held over most of Europe during the 2nd World War.

      Just wait until they make you get that tattoo on your forehead.

      Keep on believing.

      • Lola Reich is the 4th Reich… Hey Lola! (She was a dancer), what are they doing to the Jewish kids now, masks or no masks, vaccine or no vaccines? The Germans were experimenting on people in the 3rd Reich. Oh, that’s
        Right, the Holocaust didn’t happen…or is history repeating itself? It’s ok for the Chinese, it’s ok for the
        USA kids…it’s not ok with me.

    • Implemented in 1979, China’s one-child policy was designed to control the population of the People’s Republic of China

    • Fantastic comparison! Chinese kids are the perfect example of how kids can be easily manipulated by adults in their lives to comply with any abuse, because they are anxious to please. Their pure hearts will push through any atrocities and still find joy where they can. The depression and hopelessness that comes under the weight of oppression and stripping of individual freedoms, comes later. Just what we want here is America, obedient little commies in training.

  • Prove it commies or stfu… I challenge any of these so-called “experts” to prove that the PCR test is reliable and accurate. This entire plandemic is based off of this test!

  • A most draconian action. But demand that the local political hacks and BIg Pharma captured lackey doctors prove that the bogeyman COVID virus actually exists. They’ll urinate their pants. A man went to court in Alberta Canada over COVID mandates and won because the health authorities could not prove the virus actually exists because it has never been isolated. The RNA code for the virus was computer simulated! The PCA tests are computer matched to speculative RNA codes, not real virus codes. The CDC is abandoning the PCA test very soon. Show us the virus!


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