Seven teens transported to the hospital following early morning crash

Compiled from press releases from Alachua County Fire Rescue and Florida Highway Patrol

Updated 4:45 p.m.

At 4:16 a.m. on May 3, units from Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR) responded with law enforcement to a vehicle accident with extrication involving multiple passengers on CR 235 near NW 164th Terrace in Alachua. When crews arrived, they found a single vehicle with heavy damage, multiple patients outside the vehicle, and one patient who required extrication to be removed from the vehicle. The crews used the “Jaws of Life” to extricate the entrapped patient.

The car, a Mercury Grand Marquis, was traveling south on CR 235 when the driver lost control while trying to evade an Alachua Police Department officer who had attempted an earlier traffic stop of the vehicle. The car spun off the roadway onto the shoulder, where the left rear struck a tree. All seven occupants were transported to UF Health Shands.

The driver, a 17-year-old girl from Jacksonville, was transported in serious condition. A 15-year-old boy from Alachua and 14-year-old girl from Gainesville were transported in critical condition. Two 17-year-old Gainesville girls, a 13-year-old Gainesville girl, and a 14-year-old Alachua boy were all transported in serious condition.

  • They’re lucky to be alive snd hopefully they, and their parents, learned a lesson.

    Where were the parents during all of this and why in the hell did they allow children, all 17 and under, to be out at 4:00 in morning?!

    Must have been a nice phone call, “Hello, Are you the parents of Timmy, Jane, Deshonda, Jimmy,…? They been transported to the hospital because they almost died this morning.” Some parents are more concerned about letting teachers talk about gender preference with their kids than they are about where their children are. Time to step up and exercise those parental rights and responsibilities instead of trying to be their best friend.

    I don’t believe in abortion but I believe in birth control. It should have been used by the parents of these children.

    • Maybe there parents was asleep cuz they have to work and maybe kids get a certain ag and sneak out without the parents knowing did u think about that

        • All those parents were asleep while their children
          Were joy riding and trying trying to elude law enforcement. Charge the parents with child neglect or for the accident. Parents are responsible for the children’s actions until 18, right? Arrest the parents and make them explain how they failed their children and why they were joy riding at 4am.

      • I don’t care if the kids “snuck” out. Parenting failed somewhere between birth and 17. Seven kids from one family? Seven from multiple families? Drive all the way from Jacksonville? We don’t know everything about the children except one thing, they endangered theirs and other people’s lives. Something else as well, they were irresponsible and careless.

        Don’t be so naive.

      • Thats an excuse. If what your saying is true, then this wasn’t the first time they did it. Its one of the reasons our youth is so out of control…no parenting… my kids never snuck out of the house or I’d of known it

        • Well our daughter did sneak out numerous times. We were not bad parents. She just a rebellious teen

      • The parents must be ignorant like their children.
        Ignorance is no excuse for being a bad parent. Don’t
        Make excuses. This is a terrible accident and could
        Have been avoided.

    • And instead of being bold like your statement you decided to be anonymous. It’s not fair to hold the parents responsible for all of their children actions. You don’t think parents have to work to support their kids! What makes you think these kids parents act like their friends? Oh, because they made a decision to do something that could have costed them their lives? I could say what your mom should have done making a comment like that… but you said it already 😘

    • The main thing is they were irresponsible and all could be dead and now the taxpayers will have to pay them
      If they are disabled for the rest of their lives. If my
      Dog escapes from the yard, he may get killed, injured,
      Or in the pound. I take care of my dog better than these
      Parents care for their children. Isn’t school on or is
      It summer break or are they truants?

  • Why she didn’t stop when the police ask her? Something she was hiding. Terrible that parents don’t explain to kids about respect and follow the laws, very sad what happened to these kids and their families, my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  • Maybe they were supposed to be home by 8 or 9 and just never went home(?) There’s really not much the parents can do at that point except plan to punish them when they finally return home. Or maybe they lied to their parents and were supposedly all sleeping at friends’ houses. I doubt they asked for permission to go joyriding all night and were granted permission.

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