Sheriff Darnell suspends employee over social media comments

Press release from Alachua County Sheriff

On the evening of June 15, Sheriff’s Office civilian employee Ashley Mauger made inflammatory comments in a social media thread. The comments were forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office by numerous citizens. Upon reviewing the comments, the Sheriff instructed that the employee be placed on suspension immediately, and an investigation by the Office of Professional Standards has begun.

“We take misconduct in any form, from any of our employees, seriously. Our mission is to serve and protect with professionalism and integrity; we will continue to forge partnerships through transparency and accountability,” said Sheriff Sadie Darnell.

Ashley Mauger has been employed in the Technical Services Bureau since October 2011.

  • We can rest assured that our next Sheriff Clovis Watson will never be caught reading social media posts of civilian employees.

  • He doesn’t need to become the Sheriff then!! Mrs. Darnell has ALWAYS been a great person! I can’t said that about Mr.Watson especially during his patrol years in Alachua. He was NOT a nice person back then.

    • But he is an expert. Look him up at Irby’s Clerk database. 1992 felony charge of contempt of court. Such a fine Family Values person.

      • Not a nice person while on patrol? Then don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Stay away from trouble!

        Contempt of court? Sounds brave & courageous!
        Sometimes you have to stand up to be a man.

        We’re a nation of laws, and he’s not afraid to stand up to the
        System to make change. Vote Clovis Watson. He’ll
        Enforce the law fairly. He’ll keep the peace.

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