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Marketing Information

Our readership is growing quickly from month to month. For the latest information on the reach of your advertisement, please contact us at Advertising@AlachuaChronicle.com.


Banner $349/month
Square 1 $259/month
Square 2 $219/month
Square 3 $174/month
Square 4 $139/month
Square 5 $119/month
Square 6 $99/month

Prices are based on average daily page views and will increase as our readership increases.

Advertisements are rotated in their respective locations with a maximum of six ads per slot. There is a banner ad and six square ads. The square ads are visible on the sidebar in desktop mode and between paragraphs in mobile mode as shown below.

Technical Details

Sponsors are responsible for providing their own advertisements. The advertisements should be PNG, JPG, or GIF files. We reserve the right to refuse advertisements. If we perceive a problem with your submission, we will reach out to you to discuss an adjustment.

The banner ad is 728×170. Larger images are preferred for smoother scaling, but they must maintain the same aspect ratio (4.28:1) or they could be cropped by our website theme. We recommend 1456×340.

Standard ad space is 300×300. Again, larger images are preferred but must keep the 1:1 aspect ratio. We recommend 600×600.

For more information, please contact us at Advertising@AlachuaChronicle.com