Stabbing at GRACE Marketplace leads to arrest


Abiel Llanes Brito, 22, was arrested early this morning after allegedly stabbing another resident at GRACE Marketplace.

According to the arrest report, Llanes Brito and the victim had been engaged in an ongoing verbal altercation, and the victim used his forearm to push Llanes Brito into a wall. Llanes Brito pulled a knife out of his backpack and stabbed the victim multiple times.

The victim told officers that he had lent his phone to someone and that Llanes Brito had then taken the phone. When the victim tried to retrieve the phone, the altercation turned physical, and he was stabbed multiple times.

Post Miranda, Llanes Brito reportedly told officers that he had been asleep when he woke with the victim on top of him. He said the victim was reaching over him to do something to a female nearby. Llanes Brito said he went outside to call an employee, but the victim followed him, knocked his phone out of his hands, then fled. Llanes Brito said the victim returned about 10 minutes later and knocked the phone out of his hand again. The victim then pinned Llanes Brito against the wall, pushing his forearm into Llanes Brito’s throat. Llanes Brito said he stabbed the victim in the hand; when he did not let go, he stabbed him again. At this point, both had moved away from the wall, and Llanes Brito allegedly continued to stab the victim. After they fell to the ground, Llanes Brito allegedly reached around the victim and began stabbing him in the back and side. The fight was then broken up. Llanes Brito said he was in fear for his life but then said he didn’t think the victim would have tried to kill him.

Llanes Brito has been charged with aggravated battery causing harm or disability and is being held without bail.

Llanes Brito accepted a deferred prosecution agreement in December 2021 on a 2019 petit theft charge, agreeing to refrain from violating any law for four months from that date. His address was also listed as GRACE Marketplace on the 2019 arrest report.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • “Build it and they’ll come.” Wrong movie but pretty confident most readers here will get the picture.

    Problem is the county and the city aren’t building anything. They’re giving away free stuff but it’s costing residents hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not the fake residents, the tax paying residents.

    • Can code enforcement do anything about the
      Panhandler in the median at NW 39th Ave & 13th
      Street? ..it’s a public safety hazzard…the bums got a shopping cart with loads
      Of overflowing crap and trash around it…I thought
      Grace marketplace was supposed to end this…
      Yes, you’re right…”build it and they will come”..

      • Poe must have an outside patio that would be suitable for him. Take him over there and drop him off. Would Poe call the police and have a homeless person evicted from his yard? What would the Conference of Mayors and the rest of the woke world say about that? Perhaps having a homeless encampment in his ‘white bread’ neighborhood has been Poe’s plan all along. What an avant garde, woke mayor he is! Let’s see that plan in action.

      • I think you using the word “bums” to refer to those less fortunate than you tells us everything we need to know about the validity of your complaint.

  • Wow
    I was a witness to Half of this and GPD officers never even asked me off to the side of what happened. The stabbed “victim “ let me borrow his phone to use it and was so belligerent that I didn’t feel safe approaching him to give it back to him
    I then gave the phone to his roommate his name being Eric a fellow veteran who gave the phone back to him!

  • If the charges are dropped by the dude who was stabbed, does he get released?

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