Supervisor of Elections warns about postcards

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

Kim Barton, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections, has released the following statement:

“Our office has received numerous calls from voters who received apparently-handwritten postcards encouraging voting by mail. These mailers list our office’s number and the email address of a staff member. Some of the mailers have included political statements endorsing the Democratic Party.

“These postcards are not from our office or any of its employees. Any mail that comes from our office will have our office’s return address clearly listed, and most mail that we send will include the United States Postal Service’s official election mail logo. We will never send mail or other communications endorsing one candidate or party over another.

“Publicly-available voter lists can be requested by anyone, including people who do not live in Florida. Many of the pieces we have seen have out-of-state postmarks. Alachua County is not the only Florida county with voters who have received similar postcards.

“Members of our team have been concerned by some callers’ threatening tones. In all of our interactions, we strive to both be respectful and uphold high levels of customer service. We ask that others conduct themselves respectfully in return.” 

  • What should be addressed is the voter suppression in Alachua county. Since there was a “write in” candidate, Republicans are not allowed to vote in the primaries for a more “conservative” candidate for representation in the November elections. It ensures that the more moderate views will not only fail to be represented but will also be silenced. Exactly what current DemoRATS complain about.

    • I think a lot of voter fraud can be done with that “vote
      By mail”… dead people, non-citizens, … I trust voting in
      Person more.

    • You Republicans have no room to complain about voter suppression. Repubs are the champions of purging rolls and illegal gerrymandering to try and retain power.
      But there is an even bigger local issue: Alachua County Republicans voluntarily gave up their right to bytch. Why? Because they did not even field a candidate in eight of the ten local elections. You do not get to complain about not being able to cast your vote for a Conservative Republican candidate if you do not put one on the ballot. Duh.
      Obviously Springs County westside Republicans approve of Chuck Chestnut because none of you ran against him in the general election and offered a different platform. For the next four years no Republican can complain about anything Chuck does because you approved of his reelection. News flash: Republicans cannot get elected if they do not even bother to file for office

      • Guess what.. we’re in America. We can complain about whatever we want. Most don’t just take it upon themselves to burn down what they don’t agree with.

        • That’s so right. It is our God Given Right to burn apart Alachua County and tear it in half in order to get a Springs County where we can get five Conservative Republican Trumper/Bircher/Birther/Klanner County Commissioners and have Government Utopia. It is just too difficult to get three Republicans elected to the Alachua County Commission. We gonna secede and build a Yuge Beautiful Wall at 34th Street, along with checkpoints to keep them there liburls from driving into our Springs County and miscegenating away our hayseedness.

          • Since you have an immense amount of county/city commission’ foreskin in your teeth, why are you so against a separate county? Afraid of losing the tax base? If so many “love” the city, why the migration west? Why not East?

  • I wonder what the political statements were endorsing the Democratic Party…Vote for Joe Biden
    Because he’s for mandatory face masks? Defund the police? BLM? Trump’s a liar & a racist?

  • A poster above asks why the migration west. The city of Gainesville has little undeveloped land inside the city limits. With Newnans Lake to the east and Paynes Prairie to the south, new construction heads toward Jonesville where there is flat dry farmland to subdivide. Note these people are moving to Western Alachua County. At the moment they do not have the option to move to the conservative utopia of Eastern Springs County. If they had that option, how any would stay in the civilized world of Alachua County, and how many would move to the right wing Springs County and worship their lords the Koch Bros.? I wonder.

    • That same poster said you have a lot of foreskin in your teeth. There are large plots of land in Eastern Gainesville…Plum Creek ring a bell in your head? Waldo Rd North of the airport is another. Hawthorne Rd is another. Southeast Williston Rd but another.
      Jonesville is not in the Gainesville city limits. People do have the option or choice. They are choosing to get out of your “Draconian” city of Gainesville. Evidently many have a reason for moving towards the “right” as you obviously did.

      Get out and see some of the county before you start chastising the people trying to escape your “liberal” utopia.

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