Supervisor of Elections warns about postcards

Press release from Alachua County Supervisor of Elections

Kim Barton, Alachua County Supervisor of Elections, has released the following statement:

“Our office has received numerous calls from voters who received apparently-handwritten postcards encouraging voting by mail. These mailers list our office’s number and the email address of a staff member. Some of the mailers have included political statements endorsing the Democratic Party.

“These postcards are not from our office or any of its employees. Any mail that comes from our office will have our office’s return address clearly listed, and most mail that we send will include the United States Postal Service’s official election mail logo. We will never send mail or other communications endorsing one candidate or party over another.

“Publicly-available voter lists can be requested by anyone, including people who do not live in Florida. Many of the pieces we have seen have out-of-state postmarks. Alachua County is not the only Florida county with voters who have received similar postcards.

“Members of our team have been concerned by some callers’ threatening tones. In all of our interactions, we strive to both be respectful and uphold high levels of customer service. We ask that others conduct themselves respectfully in return.”