Teachers’ union president: students are “maybe more violent than they have ever been”


Carmen Ward, President of Alachua County Education Association (ACEA), spoke to the Alachua County School Board last night about the “crisis” of violence in the schools, saying that there have been 44 reports of violence against school district employees (with 1-3 attacks against adults per report) in 28 weeks of school. She said employees are “walking off the bus, walking out of the classroom, leaving their beloved career as educators because they don’t feel safe at work.”

Ward said that an increase in violent incidents in schools is one of the reasons why there is a shortage of instructional employees and bus drivers: “We have a discipline problem–not just in Alachua County. This is across the state. We have situations where schools are unsafe.”

She said the district has a good code of conduct, “but it needs to be enforced. We need to have zero tolerance for violence and support for students that are traumatized. We need enough places and enough ways to support students that are maybe more violent than they ever have been.”

She continued, “As adults, as educators, the most loving, kind thing we can do for students is to teach them that their behaviors have consequences and let them experience the consequences of their behaviors so that they don’t carry that on in their life after school… It is a crisis; we have a violence problem, and we want our schools to be safe, not only for the employees but for the students, because if there’s this much violence towards employees, there is also violence happening in schools towards other students, at even a greater level.”

ACEA’s recent survey of district employees attracted a number of comments about discipline, including:

  • “We need strategies for students who cause daily mayhem.”
  • “Make students accountable for their actions.”
  • “Behavioral issues; not testing, testing, testing”
  • “New student discipline enforcement policies; adhering to those policies, even if they prompt bad press.”
  • “Stop worrying about the race of students who misbehave and treat all students equitably.”
  • “Better discipline. The students that don’t care about being in school should not take away from the students that want an education.”
  • “Student conduct expectations need to be set clearly. Students won’t respect the learning environment if we don’t.”
  • “Removing aggressive students from campus.”
  • “Be more consistent with discipline. Students getting out of hand.”
  • “Bringing back proper punishments for discipline.”
  • “Discipline procedures and policies, long-term consistency.”
  • “More suspensions.”

Many respondents simply wrote, “Better discipline.”

  • Shut down Grace Marketplace (fence it off with barbed wire and big padlocks – closed permanently) and then the police would have a lot more resources to put toward the schools.

    • How about the parent has to pay the full price to
      Educate their children? If they had to pay $1000/mo
      Month for their child’s education, I’m sure the child
      Would perform better and they would be more involved in their performance…don’t breed em if you can’t
      Educate & feed em. The welfare state and free education has made a bunch of worthless parents who
      Should not be having children…they dump their kids
      In the public school system as daycare.

  • The “adults” have let the kids down horribly over the past two plus years. Are we going to act surprised when we see the results??? This generation of kids has been so harmed, so demoralized by all the garbage leftist policies of the past 50 years that were topped off with the selfish/fear or control driven lockdown policies of the last 2 years. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are going to be dealing with the repercussions of these horrific policies for the rest of our lives…

    • Agreed. Teachers wearing masks interferes with
      A students learning. I can’t hear as well when people
      Talk through a mask and my comprehension is lower.
      We are social creatures and need to see facial expressions. Mask wearing is not normal social behavior
      And they need to end the practice ASAP. The efficacy
      Of mask wearing is questionable and the mask is now a political statement for democrats like how the red hat MAGA
      Hat was for Trumpers.

  • Is this why teachers should teach virtually? From home? LOL! Let’s see, most school age kids spend as much time, or more, with teachers as they do parents. Maybe the teachers aren’t as morally upright or as inspiring as they used to be. Or maybe if they could teach 3rd graders about sex change as an option that would help! Or, huge raises for all and stay at home 3-4 days a week? Probably only a few great inspirational teachers left, particularly around this gang invested hell hole. One inept police chief for what 20 years and mostly a chain of liberal zealot mayors (DUI wrecks, fiasco biomass contracts, lying about being an “Economics Professor” and being let go, etc). Not to mention School Board liars and one scandal after another. Welcome to Gainesville!

  • She’s a genius! Did she just figure this out? It’s past time that teachers and administrators get support at the district level. Disruptive and problematic children have been identified. The problem is the district is “afraid” because they are well aware of the demographic majority of those committing the infractions and the “wokeness” in today’s cancel culture. Board members know the cause for disparities between east and west as well but they choose to blame others rather than addressing the real underlying cause.

    Have to give her credit though, she’s great at walking the balance beam.

  • It’s the masks….we need to see each other’s faces…The masks are causing psychological damage.
    Why is Carmen Ward wearing that creepy mask? You tell me…if you had to look at that woman wearing that black creepy mask and glasses all day and you didn’t see a smile or facial expression, and the mask wearer is constantly projecting fear of an invisible enemy that it
    Won’t affect you?…only hypochondriacs and commies
    Still wear the mask. Face masks are not normal.

    • The woman looks like a creepy monster in that
      Picture…I would go nuts too if I had to look at that…
      You want to look at that?

      • Yeah. I can hardly look at the pic with this article…she wears the mask because she’s a fascist control freak
        Child abuser…I stop breathing just looking at it.

  • Decline in parenting, Bidenflation, Malaise 2, global trade mayhem, illegal migrants stressing schools … everything the DNC wants so their gov’t employee union voters have more job security.

  • Psychological terrorism is causing kids to recognize and actively defy their oppressors. It’s the same in all prisons.

  • Is the school discipline strategy the same as the crime discipline strategy?

  • I am an ex-teacher. I stopped teacher long before Covid, Biden and anything else you can blame it on. The students for the most part were good, but I did see a progressive increase in disrespectful behavior from the students.

    If you disciplined them, the parent (usually mom) came in and chewed us up one side and down the other. Her baby is a great student that goes to church and does nothing wrong. I blame it on parent(s) who never are held accountable for anything teaching their kids that the laws do not pertain to them.

    I think they should put cameras and mic’s in the classrooms and videotape all that goes on. This will help protect the teacher from accusations as well giving evidence to parent(s) that their angel is disrupting class.

    I think the parent of a disruptive student should have to go to detention with the child or pay a fine.
    Maybe if you make it painful for the parent, the parent might actually do what our parents did, discipline us and teach us to behave.

    I don’t blame any teacher for quitting. I actually thought about being a virtual school teacher just so I didn’t have to deal with the idiots and their parent(s)

    • That camera idea would have been very interesting
      To charge the teachers criminally from kindergarten to 3rd Grade when the
      Teachers would be trying indoctrinate the children to change their
      Sex…you know, the whole “don’t say gay thing” legislation that Desantis just passed..

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