Telephone town hall with Commissioner Ward to focus on restoration of natural resources, sustainability

Press release from City of Gainesville

Gainesville City Commissioner Harvey Ward (District 2) will host a one-hour telephone town hall meeting Thursday, March 31, at 6:15 p.m. to update neighbors about the new Sweetwater Branch Greenway, the refurbished Boulware Springs Nature Park, and the City’s sustainability goal of becoming a 100 percent renewable energy organization.

Joining Commissioner Ward in the community dialogue will be Interim City Manager Cynthia Curry, Interim General Manager for Utilities Tony Cunningham, and City staff. Neighbors will be able to call in and ask questions, share comments or simply listen in by dialing 1-888-410-3427 at the time of the event; Spanish speakers are invited to call 1-844-881-1317.

Register in advance for the town hall through this link to receive an automatic reminder call before the start of the event. The town hall will be livestreamed on Facebook, the City of Gainesville website and on COX Cable Channel 12, and will be archived online. 

  • Can someone tell that idiot there are other things that need restoring more than his green agenda.

    Common sense, law enforcement, true representation come to mind. He doesn’t seem to want to respond to my emails…Keeps hiding behind his daughter’s skirt.

    • And, it’s all UN agenda stuff. Yeah, it’s sounds nice…
      100% renewability…sustainability….we all want to save the planet….— Mr. Ward, Where are you getting
      Your marching orders from? Mr Ward, are you implementing this locally as part of the green new deal/great reset?
      …explain how your global plan is going
      To save the planet and what the benefits are to us
      Entering the 5th industrial revolution and how controlling
      People will save the planet…tell us about your oath to
      The Florida & US constitutions and why you disregard
      Them and support the United Nations
      Agenda which is a foreign entity and violation of your loyaty oath. How’s that tree burning biomass plant working out? Tell us about fossil fuels…you want to end
      World hunger, stop climate change, have social justice,equity, & inclusion,Regulate CO2 emissions,
      And make everything solar, battery, & wind. Tell us
      Why you are wearing the mask still…you wear the
      Mask because you’re following the science or because
      It’s a political statement. The CDC & the WHO are political organizations. You and your comrades still wearing the masks advertises that the Covid Vaxes
      Are useless and the pandemic was all a push to
      Control…your new world order and global totalitarian
      Kumbaya plan won’t work because humans have
      An inalienable right to freedom and liberty. We cannot
      Have peace without freedom & liberty.

  • Urban cities do not need to worry about such things. The technology sector and consumer markets already address it with new thermostats and efficient production methods. Ward should stop inviting tax draining illegals, addicts and homeless parole violators with his friend Rodney Long. Our creeks are full of E. coli from their human waste.

    • Next? : the beautification of downtown with murals
      And statues of Poe & Ward with their face masks on so
      We never forget.

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