Third best place to live in Florida


  • It’s not bad. But it’s not an easy place to make a living unless you are a doctor or PHD. I wouldn’t want to live in Orlando. But I wouldn’t want to live in no-where either. So it’s a big switch off.

  • They must have gotten the data from the city commission without fact checking the sources:

    1. Utilities in Gainesville are in the top 3 statewide.

    2. If home prices are so affordable, why all the politics about providing it.

    3. Income – see number 2.

    4. Crime – Gainesville has a population of approximately 141,000 compared to Tampa’s almost 400,000 yet Gainesville has more crime per capita. Maybe they should have read the Alachua Chronicle’s true reporting of crime, not the filtered version.

    Forbes may have fumbled by placing Gainesville so high on the list.

  • Forbes is a Wall $treet investors’ rag. Of course there’s huge profits in the downward spiral of Dem-run cities, just pick the corresponding stocks (home and biz security, bulletproof materials, funeral home suppliers, mask sellers, homeless and addiction relief maps).

  • This bs. Maybe in the 90’s but ever since the third Reich (one party rule) (dictatorship) this place has only benefitted the worthless and the rich. Politicians only run in Gainesville to grease their pockets with money from developers and force pedophilia on our children.

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