Turf SWAP Rebate for Saving Water through May 2021

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has received funding to continue the Turf SWAP program.The Suwannee River Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection will provide the means through a Public Supply Efficiencies fund to reduce outdoor water use. The aim of the Turf SWAP program is to reduce water use and limit the use of landscape chemicals while beautifying properties. A 50% rebate, up to $1,500, is available to homeowners, commercial properties, and Homeowner Associations within Alachua County through May 2021. The program begins Monday, May 18, and work must be conducted by qualified “SWAP Shops” and must include at least partial reduction of traditional irrigation.  

“Newer homes with irrigation systems can use over 350 gallons per day on average,” said Alachua County EPD Water Resources Program Manager Stacie Greco. She continued, “The goal of the Turf SWAP program is to help property owners replace part of their high water use landscapes with those that demand less water and fertilizer.”

For more information, visit the My Yard Our Water website or contact Water Resources staff at 352-264-6827 or hgreer@alachuacounty.us.