Two girls charged after Buchholz fight


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – According to Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, two 14-year-old girls have been arrested and charged with felonies following a Friday morning fight.

Gabrielle Monds, 14, was charged with Possession of an Electronic Weapon (stun gun) on School Property, and Gerniyah Greene, 14, was charged with Battery on a Public Education Employee and Possession of an Electronic Weapon (stun gun) on School Property.

Although few details have been released, a video circulating on social media showed several girls fighting while a school district employee tried to break up the fight. One of the girls punched the employee before turning her attention to another girl. As other students tried to break up the fight, one girl’s shirt was stripped off, leaving her in shorts and a bra while she continued trying to get past administrators who were trying to stay between her and the other girls. Administrators and a School Resource Officer eventually separated all the students. The video lasted about a minute and a half.

  • Good for them! Now, will they be expelled? That is what needs to happen, we dont need them in our schools with our kids!!!!!!!!

  • This is exactly what they must do.
    Now the State DA must not fold. Actions have consequences!
    Alachua County School system discipline must be fixed. If not it’s going to become a “combat” zone and then it’s to late.

    • These kids cannot learn while in fear of attack or assault . The DA NEEDS to show the rest of the School body that this kind of (bad) behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED,

  • I find it amazing the thumbs down knucklehead(s) who disagree with the prior comments or at least find them to be “offensive.” Must have a difficult time with reality when it falls out of their liberalverse.

    Must be one of those liberal lunatics we keep reading about.

    • They always beat black women and men down if they was white kids we probably wouldn’t have even heard about it just a new age of hate and Racism

    • I think it depends on what is released as public information or not, could also have to do with the charges, but I couldn’t swear to it

  • Depending on their former (if any) charges, they will most likely go through the diversion program Alachua Teen Court. There is very little to no chance of them being expelled for this.

  • Heeeelllloooo, while you all are trying to get “one up” on each other (adults, are you?)this article is about how badly kids are acting in school. From what I just read, I now know it’s coming from their own families. It does NOT matter what color they are…what matters is that they were willing and TRYING to shock The crap out of each other !!!!!!! This is not how 14 years are supposed to act!!! What was written above is NOT how ADULTS are supposed to react.

    • Denni – You nailed it! It starts at home with the families. Can you please convey that to the SBAC?

      Until families become more invested in their child(ren)’s education, this behavior will continue. Parents shouldn’t be more interested in the “box score” than they are of their child(ren)’s grades.

      That’s what it boils down to.

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