UFPD pilots new mobile app that aims to deescalate tensions during traffic stops

Press release from University of Florida

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The University of Florida released a mobile application that allows police officers to communicate with drivers through their smartphones before physically approaching a vehicle. The free app is called Virtual Traffic Stop or VTS, and it is aimed at easing tensions and preventing misunderstandings during traffic stops between drivers and law enforcement. 

The goal is to reduce anxiety caused by the stop through the initial video interaction, making the interaction safer for all. The app also lets the driver bring a third party into the interaction — for instance, the parent of a minor or an advocate for someone in need of one. UF Police Department (UFPD) is leading the pilot initiative of this rollout, and the app’s website states that Gainesville Police Department is also using the app.  

“VTS empowers drivers and law enforcement to navigate traffic stops with ease and confidence by serving as an ice breaker that fosters an open dialogue between all involved,” said Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D., a UF computer science professor who led the development of this app with a team of students. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

The app can be downloaded at these links, and more information is available here:

  • These supposed adults need this kind of babying? Maybe a tour in the Armed Forces would help them to grow up. The school board is changing from crying rooms to calm rooms. Maybe UF could use the old crying rooms. Get some teddy bears too.

  • People can’t handle being stopped for a traffic violation, so they can call someone to be a third party in the traffic stop. Does this mean that the officer and the other two people will decide what an appropriate ticket will be. This is just silly.

    • How long will the officer be taken out of service to provide this babying? If something serious happens, does this scofflaw walk because the officer has to do real work? This is beyond what even the cities our local governments aspire to.

  • Here’s a more accurate article title that would require no further information to fully inform: “Woke Professor Creates App To Assist Criminals And Give Them Head Start.”

    There. Simplified. You’re welcome.

  • This is a silly waste of resources. If you mentally can’t handle getting pulled over for an infraction, learn to drive properly or not at all. Kids these days are soft.

  • Just remember who the UPD chief is, that’ll answer all the questions.

  • How ridiculous. Is UF graduating little special snowflakes who melt at the sight of a police officer? Is that the reputation we want?

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  • So, I’m at the light at 13th and University Ave, awaiting the traffic light to cross 13th towards downtown whilst this young woman, obviously a UF student staring intently at a mobile phone, literally walks head on dead into the crosswalk support pole that holds up the NW bound traffic lights. I guess she pushed the crosswalk button with her forehead…..
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