Upcoming meetings for the City of Gainesville

Meeting notices for the City of Gainesville, including agendas and details on how to watch or attend, can be found here.

  • Allowing the public to speak at a meeting is certainly different than actually factoring in the public’s ideas or wants and needs. The current city commission is made up of failures in life. Not a real success of any kind on the dais. A minority wannabe attorney with no clients and therefore a victim indeed!, an NAACP member who can trace family to a slave (a true victim by lineage!), a lifelong minority student who likes reading (can thus be another victim) and the 3 White, Woke, Musketeers (ward, po, and hayes – who claims to be hispanic because of his stepdad’s name – another victim!). The 3 Musketeers have no success at anything in life but sometimes make claims such as : po: “Economics Professor” LOL!- actually has a ba in history only and taught history to HS kids in dual enrollment, did teach one basic eco class once and thus claimed he was an “economics professor”, but no longer has the job or any other except the commission – city bio still claims this even though he’s out of a job!!! See below!


    (Note:po has not yet achieved true victim status).

    hayes: claimed to be a finance excec because of volunteer post as finance rep for the career source board that quickly went bankrupt only a few months after he signed on and failed/refused to provide documents to state investigators. Nice! Used over $639,000 to help only 42 people! Pathetic. Was linked to a conflict of interest and ridiculous overspending of funds as stated in the article. Read the entire article.


    Notice hayes conveniently leaves this off of his city bio (shows no achievements or positions outside of gov – because he has none! LOL!)

    And Ward: whose greatest achievement is being cited for using his gov office for fundraising


    and for pulling a gun on his father’s caregivers


    Oh, and worked at churches too. In short, we have and continue to elect unproven failures in all city commission post. Together they only magnify the ignorance and idiocy of each one’s failures. Their only fix for their failed programs are to keep raising taxes, gru rates, and fire fees. And, to look for new ways to justify fees for anything they can think of. There is no end in sight except either to get responsible proven people to run, or to pack up and move, keeping tabs on the downward spiral in the city of gainesville- after it is bankrupt, move back and rebuild.

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