Vehicle fire shuts down I-75 northbound

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

At 10:00 a.m. today, Truck 23 from Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR) responded to reports of a vehicle fire in the northbound lane of I-75 at the 398 mile marker, just south of the Alachua exit. While responding, they were informed that this was an RV pulling a vehicle and both were on fire. Since there are no fire hydrants on the interstate, tanker trucks from ACFR’s Alachua station and High Springs Fire Rescue had to be used to bring water to the scene.

According to the driver of the RV, the fire started in the vehicle being towed and then extended into the RV. Crews were able to contain the fire to the back half of the RV, but both vehicles were a total loss. The driver of the RV and his dog were able to safely exit the RV.

All northbound lanes of I-75 were shut down but have since re-opened. 

  • Clearly, the vehicle went on fire because it was unvaxxed. It should have been quarantined.

  • In the future, when this area is in the No Tax Zone of Springs County, there will be no money for fire trucks and this RV will have the Freedom to Burn at will.

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