Weekly Gator STEP data

Press release from Gainesville Police Department

The following data reflects traffics stops, citations, and tickets issued by the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) on roads that border the University of Florida. This data is part of GPD’s Gator STEP (Special Traffic Enforcement Program) from January 18, 2021 through February 15, 2021.

As the data continues to illustrate, speeding on West University Avenue is the largest infraction among drivers. Consequently, GPD will continue its increased presence on West University Avenue and other roads that surround the University of Florida, rigorously enforcing traffic and pedestrian laws.

Informing our neighbors about this data and educating them on safe practices is critical in preventing future traffic and pedestrian accidents. GPD continues to ask everyone in Gainesville to assist us in participating in this community-wide safety effort.

The data above is cumulative; last week’s data is below.

  • The mysterious “Other” continues to rack up big numbers. (is realtruth2020’s guess of “texting and driving” the best guess?)

    • Perhaps the “other” were stops informing some that they were a little premature in the execution of the recently proposed “toplessness” ordinance by one of our illustrious leaders within city government. I guess in the end that could be classified as “distracted” driving as well. Correction…”causing a distraction.”

      Remember, distracted drivers don’t kill people; automobiles do.

  • SW Archer Rd: 51 Traffic Stops. 48 Other?
    W University Ave: 508 Traffic Stops. 132 Other?

  • Hmmmmm? The question remains unanswered about what “other” is. Have there been any final conclusions based on the evidence collected regarding the prior deaths on University Ave? Is it a witch hunt to make the students happy that we are “investigating” but ignoring what in “personal observations” may have been the root cause of recent fatalities? Hopefully GPD is really investigating and not just telling the populace who cause the greatest political influence upon this community what they want to hear.

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