Woman accused of breaking into 15-20 cars, using stolen cards


Sandra Alice Norman, 50, was arrested yesterday on 9 counts of burglary of an unoccupied vehicle, 9 counts of theft, 3 counts of possessing a stolen debit/credit card, 3 counts of fraudulent use of a credit/debit card, and one count of possession of drug equipment.

Norman, whose occupation is listed as “housekeeper,” was detained after one of the victims saw her inside a minivan, called 911, and continued to watch her until police arrived. The burglaries took place in the Northwood Oaks and North Pointe Villas area, near the Walmart off Hwy 441. The burglaries took place over January 14th and 15th, and post Miranda, Norman reportedly said she had entered 15-20 cars over the past two days, adding that she had broken into so many cars in the last few days that she didn’t remember them all. She had a crack pipe in her possession when she was arrested and reportedly told police that she has a “bad crack cocaine problem” and is currently on a “crack binge.” According to the arrest reports, the cars were unlocked.

The first report to law enforcement was early on the morning of January 14, when a victim received an alert from her bank, notifying her that one of her cards had been used to make a purchase for $47.47 at the 7-Eleven on NW 13th Street in the middle of the night. The victim found that numerous items were missing from her car. Video from the 7-Eleven showed Norman making the purchase.

Another victim discovered that one of her cards was used at Walmart on the morning of January 15. Two successful transactions in the amounts of $1.00 and $27.45 were completed, then an attempt to purchase a $100 gift card was declined, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to purchase a $40 gift card. Norman can be seen on video from Walmart using the card, and she also allegedly used the coin machine there to turn in over $22 in loose change.

A third victim reported that someone had attempted to use her debit card at the Walgreens at 3909 NW 13th Street. When police responded to the Walgreens, management said Norman had just tried to use multiple stolen cards in the store. None of the transactions were successful, and when management asked Norman for identification, she fled the store. Norman was identified in store video.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • What’s her history in our area? How long she been here, did she come here seeking treatment and lapsed? It’d be nice to know more personal history on these people do we can see what programs worked and which programs haven’t been tried yet. And where our taxes are being misspent.

  • I recall seeing her multiple times over the last year around NW Gainesville asking for money in parking lots of businesses and in medians. She has asked me several times for money in the Aldi parking lot.

  • Come to GNV if you’re a felon…we’ll help you “sorta
    Build back better”…how’s that working out? Panhandlers in street medians…let the criminals steal because it’s
    A redistribution of wealth & equity thing…they need
    To lock her up & then send her back where she came

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