Woman on probation arrested with juvenile following 3-hour business burglary spree

Timari Biddle

Staff report

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Timari Deloris Biddle, 20, and Theodore Isaiah Martin, 16, were arrested yesterday and charged with nine business burglaries over a three-hour period.

At about 1:40 a.m. on May 12, the pair allegedly shattered a window at the Dollar General at 1080 NE 16th Avenue with a baseball bat, with damages estimated at $1,000. The pair allegedly entered the store and stole about $100 in tobacco products. On the way out, Martin allegedly hit 2 computer monitors with the bat, shattering them and causing another $1,000 in damage.

They also allegedly shattered the glass on the front door of the Department of Children and Families office at 1000 NE 16th Avenue with a baseball bat, with damages estimated at $500. They allegedly entered the office and smashed multiple computer monitors, knocked down two security cameras, and stole a laptop, a laptop case, and an iPhone. The damage inside the office is estimated at over $1,000, and the stolen items are valued at about $1,600. The laptop and laptop case were later recovered at the scene of another burglary.

At about 1:50 a.m., the pair allegedly broke the glass door of Three Rivers Legal Services at 1000 NE 16th Avenue with a bat, with damages estimated at $1,000. The pair allegedly entered the business but were scared off before they could steal anything.

At about 2:00 a.m., the pair allegedly entered Public and General, 1000 NE 16th Avenue, through an unlocked front door. While inside, they allegedly stole a tip jar containing $20-$40 and a U.S. Treasury check made out to Public and General.

At about 2:40 a.m., the pair allegedly tried to break the drive-through window of the Popeyes Chicken at 1412 N. Main Street but left on bicycles when the window didn’t break. Damages are estimated at about $500.

At about 2:54 a.m., the pair allegedly broke the glass door of Fly Smoke Shop, 1212 N. Main Street, with a bat, causing damage over $1,000. They allegedly entered the business and stole $500 from the register and “numerous” other items, with the total loss valued at over $2,500.

At about 4:30 a.m., the pair allegedly tried to break the glass door at Smoke City, 2107 NW 13th Street, with a bat, but they were unsuccessful. They allegedly knocked down two exterior security cameras, causing damage of about $200.

The pair also allegedly smashed glass on the front of Urban Thread, 1236 NW 21st Avenue, causing about $300 in damage. They allegedly entered the business and stole $100 from the cash register.

They allegedly broke a back window at Adam’s Rib Company, 2109 NW 13th Street, with a bat, with damage estimated at $200. They allegedly entered the business and stole $170 from the cash register and a Gatorade from the cooler.

TB Goods Pawn Shop at 325 NE 23rd Avenue is also listed as a victim, but details are unavailable.

The pair were reportedly caught on video surveillance cameras. Hours later, Martin was reportedly found at the Wash King, 210 NE 16th Avenue, still wearing the clothes shown in the video.

Post Miranda, he reportedly admitted to all of the burglaries and implicated Biddle in the thefts.

At about 5:45 p.m. yesterday, Biddle was found outside her residence in the 1800 block of NE 15th Street, wearing the same clothes shown in the video. She reportedly had the same backpack from the video and had “numerous” stolen items in her possession, including the iPhone and a large amount of cash in mostly small denominations. She was reportedly intoxicated and could not be interviewed.

Martin is listed as a co-defendant on all of the arrest affidavits, but his exact charges are unavailable. Biddle has been charged with seven counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure, two counts of burglary with property damage over $1,000, four counts of theft, three counts of property damage over $200, two counts of property damage over $1,000, and two counts of grand theft over $750.

Biddle was previously arrested in January 2021 and charged with five car burglaries with a different juvenile co-defendant. She entered a plea of nolo contendere to the charges and was sentenced to three years of probation, with adjudication of guilt withheld; she was also ordered to pay restitution to the victims. She was arrested again in January 2022 and charged with threatening to shoot another student at A. Quinn Jones School. She was found incompetent to proceed with trial by reason of intellectual disability and was committed to an Agency for Persons with Disabilities training facility. In October 2022, she was found competent to proceed with trial and was released to the care of a family member after entering pleas of nolo contendere to making a threat to kill and five counts of probation violation; her previous probation was revoked, and she was sentenced to two years of probation with a Mental Health Plan.

After she was removed from her mental health treatment group in January 2023 for being uncooperative and for “escalating” behavior including a physical altercation, she was re-arrested for violating the terms of the probation. She was released with a new Mental Health plan in February 2023.

Biddle is currently on probation on the six charges above, which includes a requirement to not violate the law. Bail information is unavailable on weekends.

Articles about arrests are based on reports from law enforcement agencies. The charges listed are taken from the arrest report and/or court records and are only accusations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. 

  • There used to be institutions for the criminally insane. I really think this has become a standard cop out. Declaring them incompetent to be punished is a grave injustice to the community, put her away from society. Second time involving a juvenile? Where are those charges?

  • Just what Poe & Co. have wanted…Gainesville to start looking like the Portlands, Seattles, and San Franciscos.

    Want to protect what’s yours, buy a firearm, (if you’re legally able.)

  • See….if only that had MORE businesses (to rob?) on the eastside all would be OK in the tribal lands. Righhht!

  • Deduct all those damages from her food stamps and welfare checks. Looks like she gets plenty of food stamps. The east side suffers again.

  • Do we have Zone Police in G’ville? That’s a great deal of noise and damage in one geographical area. How in the world were they able not to be found and arrested sooner? Have they given up on alarms and cameras? GPD, where we’re your Officers on this spree?

    • They don’t patrol. They just kick back at the CircleK or wherever and wait for reports of crimes. GPD needs new leadership.

      • Can you blame ’em? Go and be proactive on the Eastside and have all the whiney GVille libs – not to mention eventually CNN and MSNBC -on your case for pOlIcE bRuTaLiTy and RaYcIsM. Policing those communities is a lost cause. Thank the Democratic Party and China and whoever else is sponsoring BLM and the anti-police movements.

        • Who cares if crazy people whine?!? Gainesville people are so weak. Where I come from, this stuff wouldn’t happen for fear of the business owners, their own baseball bats, and the expense of orthopedic surgery.

          • Maybe you should return to where you come from if you’re so displeased with alachua county.

  • Nice! Good thing she’s allowed to vote and reproduce, too.

    >inb4 muh felon

    We all know ol’ GVille won’t make her a felon for this.

  • Nobody should give a f about this b’s mental health. She should be locked up for as long as possible to protect society. The poor Dollar General has had its glass busted multiple times now.

  • She obviously is a victim of food desert District 1, having been (obviously) raised on dollar store and fried fast food. Let’s take a guess what the juvenile looks like too… 🤡👹🤪🤬🍦🍦🍦🍦

  • No wonder no businesses want to open up on the east side of Gainesville, must be in the DNA 🧬

    • Exactly what I was thinking. All the commissioner’s are trying to bring business to this area and spending money to promote the area but any business owner with a lick of sense will locate somewhere else with less chance of criminal activity.

      • Yeah, that’s one of the first things you learn in management or entrepreneurship classes… physical safety is most important for a good business environment and the success of your business enterprise. Taxes and utility costs also matter, of course.

  • Post 1965, after passing laws for school integration, the minimum IQ to be considered mentally retarded was lowered from 85 to 65.
    I’ll just let you guys look up avg IQ by demographics to put the final pieces together, since the moderators here have a problem with people quoting and linking to statistics that don’t fit the woke mlk agenda.

    • Post whatever you want under your real name because then anything you post that is racist reflects on you. When you post anonymously, your comments reflect on us. If you really believe what you’re posting is unobjectionable, post it under your real name.

      • Oh ok I’ll do that. So I can have people come after my job and family. Sure thing. You must be retarded.

        • Please explain why it’s ok for people to come after my business and family because of your comments (and they do – not just your comments but every veiled racist comment) but not ok for them to come after you – the person who made the comments.

          • Well first of all it’s not veiled, I made it pretty obvious. Secondly, you chose to create a public platform (and don’t say it’s not public because you post op-ed) that hosts a comment section. Also your moderation is a type of rear guard action, so that people that are the real enemies of the system can’t voice their fact based opinions. You decided to start a paper, not me. So you have to accept the responsibility of having one and all that comes with it.

          • It’s not the Chronicle’s job to provide you, or anyone else, a platform to spew your vitriol based primarily on your own feelings towards a certain demographic. If that’s your goal, you should start your own medium to host such commentary.

            Trump did something like that and to the best of my knowledge, it’s a “big, big, bigger than anything before it success!” In his mind anyway.

          • By the looks of things, birds of a feather flock together. Either that or they get triggered by the mere mention of Trump in a more truthful representation than the one he exudes.

        • Whitey but not so mighty…So not only are you a bigoted racist, seems you’re also a coward.


      • You do know our founding fathers wrote under pseudonyms right? I guess they should have wrote under their real names, must not have really believed in what they were saying.

      • Glad to see conservative platforms finally admit they agree with antifa on doxxing real dissidents.

        • Nobody is being doxxed. You are avoiding the point, which is that you post veiled racist comments under cover of anonymity and call us “woke” when we decline to publish those comments.

          • By you wanting me to post under a real name to face the consequences of pushing against the system, you are wanting people to be doxxed. And it’s not veiled, I’m always pretty forthcoming with what I’m saying.

          • And therein lies the problem. Some people just aren’t capable of seeing it until someone brings it to their attention.

      • I guess we can post under our real names as long as we’re parroting your woke nonsense, eh? You refuse to post facts and you refuse to post things you disagree with, labeling such facts as “racist” but they are facts nonetheless, facts which you cannot refute, so you resort to what amounts to labeling and name-calling. Pretty childish, wouldn’t you say?

        • Sure Jimmy, whatever you say. Perception more often than not, is reality.

    • The ‘truth’ will set you free….or is it more like the woke BS will help you stay employed? Too many indoctrinated snowflakes can’t handle the truth and alas will enjoy the leftist consequences.

    • One standard deviation from the median score of 100 IQ is 85-115. That range represents the worldwide “average” IQ (50 percent of the world population on a bell curve). While it is true that averages of specific demographics vary within global averages, they’re still average. And so are you. Linking to statistics showing that averages among demographics vary by a few points within overall average values is just cherry-picking and confirmation bias — an average attempt at using rudimentary statistics to prop up a rotten framework for argument.

      But since you seem to think appearance matters so much, you should know that your cherry-picking and confirmation bias make you appear stupid, and that your hiding behind a pseudonym make you appear cowardly. Arguing with the owner of the site, who is correctly defending her right to moderate her site as she wishes, only further reinforces the aforementioned appearances.

      It’s one thing to reject and punish criminal behavior, but the white supremacist narrative needs to be put to bed along with the rest of the sheet-wearing types.

      • Well said!
        It’s hard to tell if these people are trolls trying to discredit AC or real-life mouth breathers.
        It’s so tiring to constantly hear parrots repeat the same lines – on both sides. Those of us in the middle or apolitical are disgustingly amused and irritated by each side.

        • Thank you, Slice. I’m a centrist and largely apolitical, but I do sometimes call BS out for what it is. Listening to wingers and trolls is a lot like listening to a bad infomercial: you know it’s nonsense, and you can’t take it seriously, but the lunacy of the claims makes you want to see just how far they’ll go before the annoyance factor overwhelms.

      • +/- 1 standard deviation from the mean is about 68 percent. So, about 16 percent above that range and 16 percent below, in the under-85 range, with a standard deviation of 15 points. Just as 70 is usually considered retarded, 130 is often considered gifted, +/- 2 standard deviations or more from the mean. I agree an IQ of 85 is at the lower end of the average range.

        • Thanks for catching that, Mr. Peabody. One standard deviation is roughly 68 percent, not 50. I think I was starting to write something about 50 percent of the world falling within “average,” and then segued into SDs specifically and forgot to edit out the 50. I may be two SDs above the mean on paper, but I’m not above making mistakes.

  • Anybody can read The Bell Curve to see how IQ is correlated with socio-economic status and how that breaks down into different countries, etc. Mental Retardation has traditionally been defined as an IQ of 70 or below. That’s about 2 percent of people assuming an average IQ of 100. More than 16 percent of people would have an IQ below 85 with an average IQ of 100. It’s never been a cutoff for ‘retarded.’ At least get your facts straight.

  • As long as people are distracted and fighting amongst themselves they are unable to see the true problem. Petite theft is a fart in the wind compared to what corrupt governments are implementing from the local level all the way to the international level. Infighting is always regressive…the elitist inbreeds are laughing in our faces!

    • We should at least be able to do something about what happens here at the local level. Smashing businesses’ windows and breaking their computers is a huge deal. Maybe the globalists are trying to distract you so that you can’t even function enough to keep your own town in order.

      • I’m not defending that psychotic lady…hire more law enforcement and replace the local leadership and this crap stops quickly. But when I constantly see more outrage over idiots like this woman as compared to issues like shutting down the economy, or debasing the currency, or unchecked immigration, or medical mandates, or irresponsible warmongering, or crumbling infrastructure it makes me stop to think how distracted people really are. The Rep/Dem uniparty has a hold on partisans which makes people misplace their anger. Where was all this outrage during 2020 when the country was shuttered? Oh thats right, the outrage was misplaced with fabricated race riots. I’m not distracted – it’s clear as day to me.

  • Where were the cops who were supposed to be patrolling that sector? Probably busy making pretexual stops looking for drugs.

  • Jennifer, we really appreciate what you do. I cannot tell you how thankful we are, and we are sure you don’t hear it often enough. It is sad that you get threats over things people post on here. And, it is sad that people take advantage of the anonymity to try to post hateful vitriol and then get angry at you for your policies. Please keep up the good work and know that there are those of us in here that are truly grateful for the sacrifice that you undergo to put this together for us. Thank you! : )

  • Maybe this time Biddle needs to be held in a mental health facility. Given her past arrests and current state of into location when arrested she definitely has mental challenges. Sooner or later she will hurt seriously someone and then gave the excuse of mental illness as a reason. All of this can be gf andle by placing her somewhere until she receives proper treatment instead of letting her out on mental probation. ( I cant believe that is even available)

  • I’ve always known there were a number of people displaying and conveying racist tendencies but never knew, (maybe knew but thought we were better), the extent until these comments and the people supporting the originator and the rebuke of those who voiced their differing opinions.
    Those people should take a long hard look in the mirror – you are part of the problem.

  • They knew what they were after. They were after what the thought could be sold for drugs, and cash needed for drugs. The report does state the denominations of cash stolen from each building/business. As well as the estimated cost of damages.
    The “logic” or justification for this I can only assume is some form of active drug addiction.
    It doesn’t “excuse” the behavior, because the damages are done, and perps are in custody.
    The logic here is pretty clear, and pretty simple.
    Because the part about “Mental Health Probation” is pointless.
    (For the previous arrests)
    A drug addict uses drugs. That’s what they do.
    I type all that to say, the “logic” that a drug addict is “incompetent” is baffling to me.
    People who are addicted and actively using drugs are very smart and brilliant people.
    They are Sith Lord Masters of Manipulation. They are very Logical and Very Very Intelligent people. Thereby, this individual has a lot of consequences to face. Again I’m not at all excusing the behavior, I am however blaming the “Metal Health Probation” situation prior to this report.
    Put more simply, Why didn’t they catch this? Back then? “Mental Health Probation” ???
    Part of me says, She is kinda brilliant.
    The other part of me questions who is employed at the “Mental Health Probation Office”?
    I kinda tend to think they hired “Mental Health Counselor’s” who accepted day labor county salaries.
    Prison time is in her near future. We know that.
    That’s just my two cents.

  • >