ACFR and other agencies respond to house fire north of Alachua, third structure fire in 12 hours in the county

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County Fire Rescue had a very busy day on Saturday. At 11:36 p.m., ACFR, along with High Springs Fire Department and LaCrosse Fire Department, responded to a residential building fire north of Alachua. This was the third structure fire in less than 12 hours within the county.  

Upon arrival, Engine 21 found a single-story residential building with heavy smoke coming from all sides of the roof. Crews quickly noticed that the two occupants of the house continued to re-enter the structure. E21 worked with other crews on scene to assure that all occupants were removed from the structure and remained outside while fire crews attempted to locate and extinguish the fire. 

Crews initially had difficulty locating the seat of the fire due to it originating in the attic of the structure.  Once the seat of the fire was located, it was quickly extinguished, however extensive overhaul operations were required to assure that the fire was completely extinguished. Units remained on scene for over 3 hours, conducting salvage and overhaul operations. Due to the quick actions of the responding crews, the majority of the damage was contained to the living room and kitchen area of the house. Unfortunately, the occupants of the house will be displaced for an extended period, but no injuries were reported.  

Alachua County Fire Rescue reminds everyone that when a fire occurs, exit the structure quickly and remain outside until authorities advise it is safe to re-enter.