Alachua County Fire Rescue Installs New Stryker Power Load Systems in Emergency Vehicles

Press release from Alachua County

Alachua County Fire Rescue is proud to announce the installation of five Stryker Power Load systems in the department’s critical care trucks. This rescue equipment enhances the safety of both EMS providers and patients by hydraulically lifting patients up to the level of the transport. The providers will still manually move the patients into and out of the patient care compartment.

This rescue equipment will be instrumental in reducing workplace injuries and fatigue to emergency personnel who must otherwise physically lift the entire weight of the patient and stretcher before loading into the truck. Following a user demonstration, EMT Driver Elizabeth Duenas states that she is looking forward to utilizing the new Power Load systems. “The equipment will be extremely helpful, especially when it’s only a two-person team getting a patient in and out,” she says. “It prevents us from suffering back pain every night”.

The systems can safely accommodate up to 870 pounds of weight, including the patient cot and any additional equipment such as monitors and oxygen tanks. They meet SAE J30 27 dynamic crash test standards and additionally minimize the risk of patient drops by providing continual support until the wheels are on the ground.

Assistant Fire Chief Michael Cowart wishes to thank the Fire Chief and Board of County Commissioners for investing into this equipment to keep our teams and patients safer while helping with employee longevity.