Alachua County Fire Rescue Undergoes Specialized PPE Training

Press release from Alachua County Fire Rescue

Members of the Florida Infectious Disease Transport Network (FIDTN) team at Alachua County Fire Rescue recently underwent specialized training to prepare ambulances and apply personal protective equipment (PPE) for the safe transport of highly infectious patients within the state of Florida.

Personnel practiced strategies to ensure the safety and cleanliness of transport units while also receiving instruction on the proper deployment of PPE.

FIDTN-approved PPE comprises an encapsulated suit with a breathing apparatus and specialized communication devices, eliminating the need for handheld radios. The hands-free design reduces user impediments and allows personnel to remain fully responsive to the patient’s needs.

Having completed this training exercise, our FIDTN team is well-prepared to serve citizens of Alachua County and the state of Florida in the event of a highly-infectious disease patient. Crews are scheduled for an upcoming FIDTN transport drill in conjunction with other local partners in March.