Alachua County Historical Commission Vacancy

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Historical Commission (ACHC) has one vacancy for the position of Citizen at Large. County residents with a knowledge of local history are encouraged to apply. The County Commission makes appointments. The application deadline is November 29, 2021. In-person quorums are required, so new applicants should be able to attend in person.

The mission of the ACHC is “To promote, preserve and protect Alachua County’s historic resources.” The Board provides research and recommendations to the Alachua County Commission on matters related to County history. The Historical Commission provides leadership in advancing the identification, protection, preservation, and interpretation of Alachua County’s cultural heritage. They provide historical research and documentation for exhibits, educational programs, and pamphlets about County history. In addition, they may assist local organizations such as museums, libraries and archives, historical, archaeological, genealogical societies, and other institutions with historical objectives.

Complete the online application form (scroll down to Historical Commission).