Alachua County Public School students selected for All-State music ensembles

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

Twenty-eight Alachua County Public School students have been selected to participate in this year’s prestigious All-State Ensembles, which will be taking place virtually. 

Each year, talented young musicians throughout the state audition for the Florida Music Education Association’s (FMEA) All-State Bands, Choruses, and Orchestras. Due to COVID-19, the rigorous audition process took place in a virtual setting that required students to record scales and selected audition pieces.  

The students selected will participate in virtual all-state ensembles with nationally-renowned conductors and other top-performing students from around the state in January. Those students are:

Simona German GHS 9/10 All State Band Clarinet

Ellen Hu BHS 9/10 Orchestra Violin

Isabelle Tseng BHS 9/10 Orchestra Violin

Ariel Li BHS Mixed Chorus Alto

Amy Cao BHS 11/12 Symphonic Band Flute

Ainsley Creegan BHS 11/12 Symphonic Band French Horn

Sharay Gao BHS 11/12 Symphonic Band Euphonium

Matthew Mitchell BHS 11/12 Symphonic Band Clarinet

Ian Rentz BHS 9/10 Concert Band Trombone

Anna Urbine BHS 11/12 Symphonic Band Clarinet

Zachary Urbine BHS 9/10 Concert Band Trombone

Andrew Waybright BHS 9/10 Concert Band Trumpet

Evan Zheng BHS 11/12 Concert Band Clarinet

Arthava Pathak EHS 9/10 Orchestra Violin

Elizabeth Offerle EHS Mixed Chorus Soprano

Sarah Weitz NHS Honor Band Trumpet

Alicia Parfait FCMS MS Band Clarinet

Harrison Zunkel FCMS MS Band French Horn

Katie Law HBMS MS Honor Band Trumpet

Jeremy Broad-Wright LMS MS Band Trumpet

Andrew Han LMS MS Band Flute

Alice Hu LMS MS Band Flute

Xiaolei Huang LMS MS Band Clarinet

David Jiang LMS MS Band Flute

Victoria Cao LMS MS Orchestra Violin

Isabelle Son LMS MS Orchestra Violin

Anthony Xia LMS MS Orchestra Viola

Kyle Ziegler LMS MS Orchestra Viola