Alachua County says local Emergency Orders are still in effect

Release from Alachua County

Alachua County has posted the following on its Facebook page:

“Alachua County is glad that the Governor is strengthening his actions, as our County and cities have been doing for some time, to keep our citizens safe. To be crystal clear: Alachua County’s Emergency Orders remain in place, will be enforced, and must be followed. As the Governor’s order continues to evolve and more clarification is offered, we will communicate any changes to our Orders. We are proud of the countywide effort to be ahead of the curve in keeping our citizens safe.

“This from the Governor’s office:

“The Governor’s Order does not do either of the following, and local authorities are not preempted in any way:

“1. The Governor’s Order does not affect whether a local authority may close a business (or in other words, decide if a business in non-essential). That local enforcement would presumably be directly on the business itself.

“2. The Governor’s Order does not dictate whether additional social distancing or group gathering requirements can be placed on essential services or essential activities. Local authorities can do so both on individuals and on businesses/organizations.

“So yes, you can use your own authority to close or restrict how any business/organization must comply with your codes. The Governor’s Order does not give a business/organization any “right” to avoid your codes.”