An open letter to the Gainesville City Commissioners


Dear Gainesville City Commissioners,

I understand the request for more pay for your valuable time. 
Here is a better idea that will have the same result without increasing the cost of government. It will surely increase your free time while providing  better, more open, and trustworthy city government .

As has now been disclosed, engaging in private meetings with commercial special interests seeking your vote in support of  their plans and investments consumes time for which the public pays you.

There is nothing be gained by such private meetings and much to be lost. I know, because over my terms many came with deals that we refused to consider until full public disclosure and discussion.

I have previously made a proposal that some of you may have seen, although without any response.

By adopting it publicly, you will gain far more than time to pursue your primary occupations, which was and is the intention of elected service to our city government.   

The courtesy of your response is respectfully requested.


Mark Kane Goldstein is a former mayor-commissioner of Gainesville.

Photo credit: Clker-Free-Vector-Images (pixabay.com)

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