An update on the latest Wild Spaces & Public Places improvements

Press release from City of Gainesville

Wild Spaces & Public Places and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs are pleased to provide an update on improvements made to the City of Gainesville’s public parks. These efforts are the latest towards fulfilling the City Commission’s goal of having a world-class park system in our city.

We are taking an abundance of care during the pandemic—following all CDC guidelines while projects are under construction. The projects in this update include a few of the many treasured spaces within our city. We are excited to reveal these improvements and look forward to once again being able to enjoy these parks with our neighbors.

Completed Projects

Lincoln-Williams Project – 900 SE 15th St.

Drainage improvements were completed between athletic fields at Abraham Lincoln Middle School and Joseph Williams Elementary School. The upgrade improves field conditions after heavy rainfall to allow for greater recreational use. Wild Spaces & Public Places worked with the School Board of Alachua County on the improvements. The Wild Spaces & Public Places portion of the total project cost was $100,000.

Northside Park Disc Golf Course – 5701 NW 34th Blvd.

A new bridge was built between holes 6 and 7 on the disc golf course. Work was completed in March. The cost of the project was approximately $9,500. Click here to view photos of the new bridge.

T.B. McPherson Recreation Complex – 1717 SE 15th St.

Extensive renovation of the tennis courts was completed in March. After years of continuous community use, the T.B. McPherson courts developed significant cracking. Nidy Sports Construction Company, Inc. was hired to demo and rebuild the courts, provide new nets, posts, perimeter fencing and windscreens. The cost of the project was $173,407. Click here to view photos of the improvements.

Tom Petty Park – 400 NE 16th Ave.

An irrigation well was installed at Tom Petty Park in early June. The approximate project cost was $18,995.  

Work in Progress

Albert “Ray” Massey Park (formerly referred to as Westside Park) – 1001 NW 34th St.

Updates include improvements to the park’s Northwest 34thStreet/SR 121 parking areas and upgrades to baseball fields 1 and 2. This project is approximately 60% complete and will finish in the fall. The approximate project cost is $739,499.35. 

Parking area improvements include a permanent closure of the southernmost entrance to reduce congestion at the 8th Ave. intersection and minimize traffic near the children’s playground. The parking area is also being reconfigured to provide 20 new spaces, dedicated bus, scooter, and motorcycle parking, and triple the number of ADA spaces.* At least half of the parking spaces in the park’s 34th Street lot will remain available for patrons throughout construction.

Ball field improvements include field regrading, new turf, reconstruction of ramps to the scorer’s platform, a new ADA accessible viewing area over field 1, and erosion stabilization.

A new water fountain and grills will also be installed at Albert “Ray” Massey Park later this summer. *Access to fields 1 and 2 is limited during construction. 

Depot Park – 874 SE 4th St.

Lighting and electrical improvements are underway at Depot Park and are anticipated to complete in July. The work includes the addition of bollard lighting from the Depot Park parking lot to the overflow parking lot. This project also includes an electrical capacity upgrade to the park. Existing light poles will be retrofitted with electrical outlets and additional electrical receptacles will be installed near the Little Lawns, the West Overlook, the East Overlook, and the Open Lawn to better accommodate programming and events. The approximate project cost is $456,991.

Northside Park – 5701 NW 34th Blvd.

Extensive improvements include construction of a “Generations Play Zone” and new playground. The new park design provides activities for all ages and includes outdoor games such as bocce ball, pickle ball, tennis, racquetball, pétanque, table tennis, checkers, and chess. It will also include an outdoor patio, a large pavilion with grills, shaded seating and viewing areas, and a walking path with outdoor exercise equipment. Funding assistance for the Generations Play Zone was provided by the Rotary Clubs of Gainesville Foundation. The project is approximately 85% complete with a finish date estimated for August. The approximate project cost is $2 million.

Oakview Park (formerly named Kiwanis Girl Scout Park) – 810 NW 8th Ave.

Improvements include updating the nearly 64-year-old building, a new modern playground, the addition of a bridge, new plants, removing invasive species, and adding parking. Park patrons are encouraged to utilize nearby city parks while work is taking place. The project is 75% complete with a finish date estimated for September. The approximate project cost is $998,000. 

T.B. McPherson Recreation Complex – 1717 SE 15th St.

Installation of new metal pavilion roofs has begun and is anticipated to complete in August. American Roofing Company and EMC Framing, both small, local businesses, will perform the work. The approximate project cost is $18,250. New water fountains and grills will also be installed at the recreation complex later this summer.