April 3 morning update: 108 cases in Alachua County


According to the state dashboard, Alachua County now has 108 COVID-19-positive cases, up from 93 at this time yesterday. No deaths have been reported. 14 people have been hospitalized (it is unclear whether that is the current number or a cumulative number; the Department of Health just said they don’t have information on recoveries because it is self-reported).

The state has 9585 cases (an increase of 1575 from this time yesterday) and 163 deaths (up from 128 at this time yesterday).

It is worth noting that there was a large increase in the number of test results that came back yesterday. Alachua County has averaged 48.7 new test results per day over the past 10 days, and we got 210 new results yesterday. The state of Florida received 50% more test results on April 2 than they did on April 1; the number of tests had been gradually increasing and were around 9000/day, but they jumped in one day to 13,800/day.

Dade County has 32% of the state’s cases. Broward has 17%; Palm Beach 8%; Orange 6%; and Hillsborough 5%. Alachua County represents about 1.2% of the state’s population and 1.1% of the state’s cases.

15 COVID-19 tests are pending in Alachua County. 1876 people have been tested so far in Alachua County, and 1768 tests have come back negative, so 94.2% of the tests so far have been negative (0.8% are pending). Only 5.8% of the local tests have come back positive so far.

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According to the daily report (note that the data in that report and the dashboard don’t always match up because they are published at different times), there are 83 cases in Gainesville, 7 in Alachua, 4 in Newberry, 2 in Hawthorne, 2 in Tioga, 2 in Micanopy, and 2 in High Springs. Location data is not available for all cases.