April is Water Conservation Month

Press release from Alachua County

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. – Alachua County has joined numerous governments, utilities, and agencies across Florida to declare April Water Conservation Month. 

To kick off Water Conservation Month, a special Water Conservation Edition of The Wader, the EPD Water Resources newsletter, was published containing articles on indoor and outdoor water conservation practices. In addition, staff has been publishing daily water conservation tips and facts on the County’s MyYardOurWater Facebook page

While there is always room to save water indoors, yards can account for nearly 60% of residential water use, so they are a great place to focus water conservation efforts and reduce utility bills. Those with automatic irrigation systems are encouraged to turn it off, watch the weather, and wait to water. Established plants typically need less water, and they may be able to turn off entire zones or reduce run times, saving water and money. Every drop saved means more water is available for our springs and the future. 

“We depend on the aquifer for our drinking water, as do our springs, rivers, and lakes,” said Alachua County Water Resources Senior Planner Eliana Bardi. “Residents often ask us how they can reduce their water consumption and save on their utility bill, so this year, we decided to flood the airways (pun intended) with water conservation messages during the month of April.”

Learn more at the Alachua County Water Resources website.