Buchholz High math team wins 15th state championship

Front row left to right: Kevin He, John Sin, Andrew Xing. Eileen Lai, Katie He, Hailey Lin
Back row left to right: Erick Jiang, Samuel Kim, Jake Frazer, Warren Craft, Philip Matchev

Press release from Alachua County Public Schools

The Buchholz High School math team has won its 15th state championship and will be competing for its 14th national title in July.

The BHS team beat its perennial rival American Heritage Broward at the Florida Mu Alpha Theta competition in Orlando this past weekend. Teams at the competition earn points based on the results of a wide variety of individual and team categories. BHS ended the competition with 4740 points out of 5000 possible, while American Heritage earned 4651.

Some of the younger team members were nervous and didn’t perform as well as expected early in the competition, said coach and BHS math teacher Will Frazer. As a result, the team was actually behind on the first day.

“Once they started to relax we caught back up, and on the second day we were all performing at the top of our game and pulled away,” he said. “I think the closeness of the outcome has our kids motivated to work harder for nationals in July, and that is a good thing.”

Gainesville High School’s math team took 10th place overall in the competition, while Eastside took 14th place.

“I’m very proud of all our amazing young mathletes,” said Interim Superintendent Shane Andrew, who traveled to Orlando for the awards ceremony. “They are such terrific representatives for their schools and the district.”

BHS won a total of 239 individual and team trophies at the competition. That included first place trophies for the pre-calculus, calculus, hustle, relay, and poster teams. Members of those teams included Andrew Xing, Katie He, Hailey Lin, Phillip Matchev, Jake Frazer, Samuel Kim, Kevin He, Erick Jiang, and Eileen Lai.

Individual first place trophies went to Jake Frazer, Andrew Xing, Kevin He, Samuel Kim, Katie He, John Sin, Edward Jeong, Erick Jiang, and Warren Craft. 

First place teams

Alpha Division (Pre-Calculus) – Andrew Xing, Katie He, Hailey Lin, and Philip Matchev
Calculus division – Jake Frazer, Samuel Kim, Kevin He, and Erick Jiang
Hustle – Jake Frazer, Samuel Kim,Andrew Xing, and Katie He
Relay – Kevin He, Hailey Lin, and Eileen Lai

Individual first place trophies
Jake Frazer – Calculus Ciphering, Calculus Integration, Calculus BC, and Integration Bee
Andrew Xing – Alpha Trigonometry, Alpha Applications, and Mental Math
Kevin He – Calculus Applications
Samuel Kim – Calculus Individual, Calculus Sequence and Series, and Speed math
Katie He – Alpha Complex Numbers
John Sin – Calculus Limits and Derivatives
Edward Jeong – History of Math
Erick Jiang-Probability
Warren Craft-Theta Logs and Exponents

The BHS team will be going to the 2022 National Mu Alpha Theta competition in Alexandria, Virginia. The competition is scheduled for July 10-15. Buchholz is competing for its 14th national title.