Bystander with concealed carry permit intervenes when man pulls a knife on 3 Walmart store managers


On Friday, June 19, at about 2:29 p.m., Michael Terell Green, 42, was at the Walmart at 2900 SW 42nd Street when he became angry with one of the store managers. According to the arrest report, the store manager had used his own money to arrange for a ride for Green’s girlfriend back to her hotel, and Green’s girlfriend had thanked him with a hug before leaving.

An altercation began between Green and the store manager, during which Green pulled out a large folding pocket knife, opened the blade, and threatened to stab three store managers.

An armed bystander who has a concealed weapons permit attempted to intervene, and Green became hostile toward the bystander, bumping him in the chest. The bystander drew his handgun and told Green to back away. When Green did so, he reholstered the firearm.

Green was taken into custody by a Gainesville Police Department officer and was charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault. The bystander declined to prosecute for the simple battery. Nobody was injured in the incident.