Cade After Dark returns with Spring Dates

Press release from Cade Museum

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention’s popular adults-only evening event, Cade After Dark 21+, returns with spring dates and all new activities centered around a different theme each month. 

At Cade After Dark 21+, guests can relax with adult beverages while reliving their childhood with board games and science experiments and checking out the museum’s latest exhibits. Past events have gotten visitors’ hands sticky with gooey slime while blowing minds with Shrinky Dinks, 3D-pen drawing tables, radioactive snow, and entertaining with giant Jenga and other old-school games. 

Cade After Dark guests can enjoy some snacks and then work them off by testing their strength and endurance in the Sweat Solution, the Cade’s permanent exhibit that tells the story of the invention of Gatorade.  

They can then take an afterhours look at the Cade’s current museum-wide themes and temporary exhibits. This spring, the Cade unravels textile technology in the theme Tech Tapestry and exhibit Fabric Frontiers, demonstrating how a penchant for fancy silks in 18th century France inspired the first computers, or how the evolution of cold weather clothing unfolded through three generations of Antarctic explorers.  

A host of tactile, experimental, and STEAM-powered activities fill every nook and cranny at Cade After Dark. Each month something new and surprising awaits participants. 

Cure the end-of-season, post-Super Bowl blues at the February 18 Cade After Dark, where a roster full of football-themed games, refreshments, and activities provide adults a much-needed timeout.  

Recharge those drained, mid-semester batteries on March 18. Participants will have an electrifyingly good time as all things light and electricity course through the museum’s activities and games. The Cade’s brand-new exhibit on the inventions you find in bathrooms (that’s right, bathrooms) will be brimming with scavenger hunts and other bathroom-related distractions and adventures. 

After getting wired up in March, the Cade will switch its flip for an ultimate glow in the dark vibe session on April 8th. Attendees’ smiles will surely light up the room, along with their glow sticks and glowing slime. Afterall, growing up can be hard. Why not glow up instead?  

Speaking of growing up, the Cade is turning four in May! Party hats and kazoos will be encouraged at the Cade After Dark Birthday Bazaar on May 20th. Attendees will also be able to explore the world of storytelling through animation in the Cade’s latest exhibit, Animationland

“We’re thrilled to be able to set aside this time just for adults, away from the hustle and bustle of daily museum activities, field trips, and group tours,” says Cade Museum President and CEO, Stephanie Bailes. “It’s a chance to really be immersed in the museum. I love seeing the wild experiments our educators come up with and the games that take over the museum at night. It’s the perfect date night or friends’ night out!”  

Cade After Dark 21+ takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 18, March 18, April 8, and May 20. To register in advance, visit cademuseum.org/calendar. Adults 21 and older only will be admitted. Admission is $15 per person and includes a drink ticket, redeemable at the Cade’s cash bar. Additional drinks will be available for purchase. Also included is a free ticket to a raffle prize drawing.  

Cade After Dark is sponsored by First Magnitude Brewing Company and Goldie’s Burgers.