City commission delays decision on GRU’s Generation Transition Plan

GRU’s Ed Bielarski and FP&L’s Matt Pawlowski answer questions from the City Commission


Editor’s note: GRU has announced that it will not be pursuing this plan at this time. The Gainesville Sun article says that the January 28 meeting is canceled, but the city’s meeting calendar does not reflect this change yet.

During the afternoon session of today’s City Commission meeting, the commission delayed a decision on GRU’s proposed Generation Transition Plan

Here is the motion, which passed unanimously:

  • Continue the issue to the next City Commission meeting
  • Ask GRU to bring back information on the pros/cons of keeping GRU as a Balancing Authority
  • Ask GRU to get information about changes in tariff charges since 1990 from Florida Power & Light and others in the state
  • Ask GRU to bring back information about long, short, and mid-term risks of the plan
  • Ask GRU to bring back information about the impacts of climate change
  • Ask GRU to meet with its employees and bring back a transition plan for its employees
  • Ask staff to provide a communications plan that goes beyond meetings
  • Repurpose the joint Utility Advisory Board/City Commission meeting on January 28 to a workshop on this issue
  • Make the issue time-certain at the next City Commission meeting