City of Gainesville Hosts Online Events About Changes to Residential Rental Property Regulations

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville has scheduled several online events in the coming weeks to ensure both renters and landlords are familiar with the City’s new ordinance governing residential rental properties. The new ordinance, titled “Residential Rental Unit Permits,” becomes effective Oct. 1.

The first of four 90-minute Zoom webinars is scheduled at 5 p.m. tomorrow, March 30.

  • Neighbors are invited to join tomorrow’s webinar through this link. (Webinar ID: 954 1497 9210)
  • Participants will be able to view an online presentation about the new ordinance and ask questions of City staff in the chat feature.

Additional webinars about the changes are scheduled as follows: Thursday, April 1 at 2 p.m.; Wednesday, April 7 at 2 p.m.; and Thursday, April 15 at 9 a.m. Each webinar is accessible through the same link and webinar ID. Recordings of the webinars will be posted online.

Tomorrow’s webinar (March 30) will be followed by a virtual town hall at 7:15 p.m. with Gainesville City Commissioner Reina Saco.

  • Neighbors are invited to join the virtual town hall through this link.
  • Neighbors can call in to the virtual town hall with questions by dialing the toll-free public participation line at 1-800-876-7516.
  • Individuals who solely wish to listen by phone can dial 1-301-715-8592 and enter Meeting ID: 891 0841 4934. 
  • The town hall will be streamed live on Facebook, the City of Gainesville website and on COX Cable Channel 12, and will be archived online.

The Gainesville City Commission began the process of updating the current ordinance governing regulated residential rental property in November 2018. The commission created a Rental Housing Subcommittee that gathered input from stakeholders – including landlords, tenants, realtors and neighbors – at its 12 meetings during the subsequent six months.

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In Sept. 2020, the new Residential Rental Unit Permits ordinance was adopted, establishing annual permits, compliance inspections, and new minimum life safety, energy efficiency, and property maintenance standards for all residential rental units within the city limits. The new ordinance takes effect Oct. 1.

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