City of Gainesville employees reassigned to help the community


In an email to the media this morning, City of Gainesville Communications Director Shelby Taylor shared how city employees are helping out around the community:

“As you know, many of our city employees have been without assignments because of facility closures and service reductions (though they continue to be paid).

“I’m pleased to report that we have been able to reassign some of our folks to community benefit assignments such as food delivery driving and serving as pen pals and/or phone buddies for the elderly/vulnerable.

“We are currently screening 50 city of Gainesville employees for food delivery for the April 8 food share event. 

“Through our partnership with ElderCare at the senior rec center and our Community Resource Paramedic program, we are identifying individuals who wish to have a “quarantine companion” and assigning our staff as a pen pals or phone buddy accordingly.”

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