City of Gainesville’s GCRA accepting applications for new housing assistance programs

Press release from City of Gainesville

The City of Gainesville’s Community Reinvestment Area (GCRA) has opened the application process for two new housing assistance programs.

The Heirs’ Property Assistance Program offers free probate legal assistance to individuals with an heirs’ property located within the GCRA district. The district contains 282 heirs’ properties, which are properties that lack a clear title and are not eligible for homestead tax exemptions or federal home improvement grants. Inheritors often encounter difficulties when seeking mortgage refinancing and bank loans. All of these factors may lead to an involuntary loss of property. Probate litigation services help families obtain clear titles under consolidated or single ownership. Applications for this program are accepted on a rolling basis. 

The My Neighborhood Program offers a $25,000 forgivable loan incentive to recipients who purchase a home or lot in a neighborhood where they had lived for at least three years prior to 2011. Eligible neighborhoods include: Cedar Grove II, Duval, Fifth Avenue, North Lincoln Heights, Pleasant Street, Porters, Springhill, and Sugarhill. The purpose of this program is to increase neighborhood stability and prevent rapid community change by incentivizing long-term and multi-generational residency. The initial application period for this program closes on March 31.

These are the first of five programs that are part of a comprehensive strategy to address the GCRA’s district housing goals in a way that maintains the culture and population of an area.

Program documents are available on the GCRA website.