Coping Tips from the Alachua County Crisis Center

Press release from Alachua County

The Alachua County Crisis Center’s 24-hour hotline (352-264-6789) is available for those experiencing emotional/psychological distress.

Many people are reporting increased levels of stress and anxiety related to COVID-19. Those feelings, along with feelings of loneliness, grief, anger, helplessness, and exhaustion, are all normal responses to traumatic events such as those resulting from this current pandemic. Our sense of wellness and emotional balance may look very different during this time, and it is important to evaluate our needs as they relate to this crisis.

With a focus on social distancing and doing our best to maintain our physical health, other areas of our wellbeing may suffer. Many of us are feeling grief and loss as we shelter in place and lose connection to friends, family, hobbies, and routines. We may find ourselves preoccupied with the latest news and information being released about COVID-19 or feel disconnected from it entirely as we try to find ways to manage our anxiety. Relationships may also be presenting their own challenges as many are now having to balance family, work, school, and self-care all under the same roof.

Not all of us face the same challenges, but there may be actions we can take to help us cope:

  • Limit media consumption. The desire to stay informed during a state of emergency is natural, but it is also important to take breaks from news and social media to allow for rest and renewal.
  • Be aware of misinformation that may increase levels of anxiety and stress.
  • Discover new routines. This may include new ways to keep active, eat healthy, and stay refreshed.
  • Connect with friends and loved ones by phone or online.
  • Find community with others who may be experiencing similar stressors about the outbreak.

Get accurate health information from reputable sources. For health information about COVID-19, please contact the Centers for Disease Control at cdc.gov, your local healthcare provider, or the Alachua County Health Department.

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If the feelings become overwhelming or you are concerned about a friend, loved one, or neighbor, the Crisis Center has phone counselors available 24/7. The Crisis Center is always here and ready to listen.

Alachua County Crisis Center

Alachua County Critical Information Line
311 or 352-264-6557

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