Daycare owner arrested for not reporting child abuse, altering evidence


Today Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Amanda C. Foust (1/26/44) on a warrant for Evidence Destruction and Failing to Report Child Abuse, Abandonment or Neglect. Foust is the owner of Child’s Place Daycare (6200 SW Archer Road).

The investigation began in October with the arrest of Sierra Smith (2/17/99) on Child Abuse charges. She was subsequently arrested a second time within days of the original arrest, also for Child Abuse involving a separate incident.

The original incident of child abuse occurred on October 1 or October 2, 2020. An employee of the daycare reported the incident to her supervisor, who reported it to Foust’s daughter and Foust. That employee provided screenshots of a group text proving that both the employee’s supervisor and Foust’s daughter were aware of the incident. They promised to report it to the Department of Children and Families (DCF), but the employee later reported it to DCF herself when it became clear that the incident had not been reported.

Investigators issued a subpoena for all daycare reports involving Smith, and Amanda Foust provided a copy of an incident report for the original incident. That copy said Smith was “dismissed” as a result of kicking a child in the face. But the child’s parent had a copy of the same report that said Smith was “wrote up” and remained employed at the daycare. According to the sworn complaint, investigators said it was “very obvious” that the report had been altered before providing it to officials.

During the ongoing investigation, detectives alleged that Foust failed to notify the Department of Children and Families of the abuse. Foust is a mandated reporter for incidents of abuse and neglect.

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When detectives interviewed Foust, she was allegedly evasive about the incident report, and a warrant for her arrest was issued after the interview.