December 1 Attorney-Client Litigation Strategy Session

Press release from Alachua County

On December 1, 2020, at 12 p.m., during the Special Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, the Commission Chair will announce the Board’s intention to hold a closed-to-the-public litigation strategy meeting in the case styled┬áToby Smith v. Alachua County, Civil Case #2020-CA-1155.┬áThe Board will immediately thereafter conduct the closed-to-the-public attorney-client litigation strategy session concerning the litigation. The procedures applicable to this infrequently-used meeting procedure are governed by Section 286.011(8), Florida Statutes. Based on that statutory section, and for the limited purpose specified there, attorney-client litigation strategy sessions are exempt from the Sunshine Law and can be closed to the public.

Following the closed-to-the-public attorney-client litigation session, the participants will return to the Special Meeting, whereupon the Special Meeting will continue.

Only the following persons will attend the closed-to-the-public attorney-client litigation session:

  • Commissioner Ken Cornell, Chair
  • Commissioner Marihelen Wheeler, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Charles Chestnut, IV
  • Commissioner Mary Alford
  • Commissioner Anna Prizzia
  • Michele Lieberman, County Manager
  • Sylvia Torres, County Attorney
  • Bob Swain, Deputy County Attorney
  • Certified Court Reporter

The entire attorney-client litigation strategy session will be recorded by a certified court reporter and the recording transcribed. Upon conclusion of the litigation, the transcript of the attorney-client litigation strategy session shall be made part of the public record.