DeSantis says no asymptomatic cases found in The Villages

COVID19 testing at The Villages.


In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Ron DeSantis said that UF Health’s project to determine whether there are a large number of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases found no cases at all.

UF Health set up a drive-through testing center at The Villages, offering tests both to people who fit the usual criteria and those who didn’t, as part of an epidemiological protocol known as community surveillance. The purpose of the study was to assess the degree of asymptomatic viral shedding at the onset of a COVID-19 outbreak.

We have reached out to UF Health to ask whether they have any early results, but we haven’t received a response. This afternoon, Governor DeSantis announced that of the 600 tests given to people without symptoms, none of them were positive. He said that is a reassuring sign, indicating that there aren’t a lot of asymptomatic people infecting others.

DeSantis also said that there is 33% hospital bed availability statewide and 2100 available ICU beds.