Ellianos’ announces Fall Favorites line-up

Press release from Ellianos

There’s not much better than hay rides, jumping into piles of fall-colored leaves, cool nights spent around a toasty fire with friends, or pulling out your favorite sweater from your closet. With fall comes many of our favorite things, and Ellianos is just adding to the list with their all-new Fall Favorites menu lineup! Enjoy the best things about fall on the go with a smooth S’mores Latte, Pecan Pie Latte, or Caramel Apple Shake, available now until December 3 at any Ellianos location! 

Rich chocolate and toasted marshmallow notes will sweep you away with the S’more Latte. In the mood for something different? Try the Pecan Pie Latte instead and indulge in buttery pecan and caramel goodness! Both S’mores and Pecan Pie Lattes are available hot, iced, or frozen. Are you looking for a mid-day pick-me-up? The Caramel Apple Shake may be for you – sweet caramel and tart green apple collide in this treat, and toffee bits give it the classic crunch you expect from a caramel apple!

There’s so much more to fall than just pumpkin (although Ellianos has their signature Pumpkin White Mocha available as well)! If you were to close your eyes and think about your favorite fall memories, you might find yourself around a campfire, toasting marshmallows with your closest friends on a chilly night! Or maybe you find yourself sitting at your grandmother’s kitchen table with a slice of her award-winning pecan pie in front of you! Or perhaps still you think back to your favorite fall festival or fair with a sweet caramel apple in hand! Whatever the memory, Ellianos’ Fall Favorites menu will be sure to transport you back to that moment and satisfy your autumn cravings!