FDOT District 2 launches Virtual Memorial Marker Pilot Program

Press release from Florida Department of Transportation

LAKE CITY, Fla. – To increase public awareness of highway safety and the Target Zero Initiative, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in District Two has developed a virtual Memorial Marker Pilot Program. This pilot program will ensure the safety of motorists while memorializing loved ones who have died because of a vehicle-related crash on the State Highway System.

As part of the new pilot program, families and loved ones in the northeast Florida region (District 2) will now be offered a choice between a virtual memorial marker or a physical marker. The virtual option features customizable features to celebrate life, promote safety, and increase safety messaging.

“FDOT routinely strives for opportunities to improve safety,” FDOT District 2 Secretary Greg Evans said. “This pilot program will offer families the option to memorialize their loved ones virtually so they can share their memory with the world—not just those who might drive by the marker.” 

The Memorial Marker website allows family members to personalize the virtual marker with a selection of five designs and affords the opportunity to link a photo and/or obituary, providing the opportunity to memorialize loved ones more than the roadside sign can do. This also allows loved ones to have a larger impact by being able to share the link with friends and family near and far.

In addition to providing a new and unique option for memorializing loved ones, this also helps to ensure the safety of others, as some memorial markers may not be in a location that is conducive for roadside visitations.

Please visit the Memorial Marker website at www.NFLRoads.com/MemorialMarkers to safely and thoughtfully remember loved ones.

Making FDOT roadways safer requires a consistent and meaningful approach by everyone who enjoys the road. Safe decisions on the roadway like being courteous to motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists, following the speed limit, and never driving or walking distracted help everyone become safer on the road. FDOT’s Target Zero Initiative seeks to reduce the number of transportation-related serious injuries and deaths across Florida to zero.