FUAMI launches “Businesses for the American Way”

Press release from Floridians United Against Mandated Insanity

FUAMI (Florida Unites Against Mandated Insanity) has launched a new coalition of independent companies united for sane and prosperous states– starting with its Chapter in the State of Florida: Florida Businesses For The American Way

At the time of its launch on February 22, 2021, FBFAW has a list of over a dozen companies registered in Florida, ranging from medium businesses with over one thousand employees, including recently-ostracized Farm and Produce Markets Owner Alfie Oakes, to small family businesses of less than five employees and Ma and Pa Shops.

“For several decades, the opponents of Free Market and Independent American Businesses have been building networks and weaving massive webs throughout our country, advocating for and planting their vision of socialism and One-World-Government. While they plotted, organized, and implemented their communistic doctrines, we the majority, busy working and raising our families, sat back and did NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. With our side of the field fragmented, divided, and unorganized, they are nearing the completion of their objectives. This has to end. The clock is ticking for Independent Businesses  and for the American Way of Life. Thus, we must unite, organize, and end this passivism NOW,” emphasized Sibel Edmonds, Founder of FUAMI. “And it is not only COVID. Today it is the Super Bug, tomorrow there will be another Bug, and next we’ll see them coming after independent businesses and our rights under the guise of a War on Global Warming, to save the ice from melting under the hot August sun. We must act now.”

The new coalition of small to medium independent businesses registered in Florida is working towards speedily putting an end to the highly damaging and insane COVID-19 Mandates. Founded in December 2020, with its Headquarters in Naples, Florida, FUAMI has over 2000 subscribed members and four regional chapters throughout the State.

FUAMI has recently launched a petition addressed to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asking him to issue an addendum to his EXECUTIVE ORDER NUMBER 20-52, Emergency Management – COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The addendum would prohibit all Florida county commissioners and city council members from issuing and implementing any and all mandates that would: impose lockdowns or capacity restrictions without meaningful compensation to affected businesses; impose curfews on citizens; require wearing masks; require social distancing; require vaccines of any type; or impose school closures.

Sibel Edmonds is urging all independent businesses to join FBFAW: “Look, the other side has the mainstream media and billionaire foundations and mega corporations like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Zuckerberg. BUT, we have tens of thousands of independent small businesses–the backbone of our nation’s economy–and tens of millions of people for American values and way of life. All we have to do is to unite and organize quickly. Together we can, and united–we certainly will win. This is why I started FUAMI.”

Currently FUAMI is preparing for an innovative state-wide advertisement campaign that sidesteps all the traditional channels. The campaign details and dates will be announced in the coming weeks.