Gail Johnson fails to provide documents to bankruptcy court


According to documents filed on June 24 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Florida, Gainesville City Commissioner Gail Johnson has failed to provide documentation to back up her bankruptcy claim.

Johnson filed for bankruptcy on May 28, and she has 45 days from the petition to provide the required documents. According to the Final Deficiency Notice, failure to provide these documents within 45 days of May 28 “shall result in your case being dismissed without further notice.”

Although Johnson stated in her video on May 21 that she would be transparent and open to questions, she never even acknowledged the questions we sent her by email. 

The bankruptcy petition lists $88k in debt, including $13k for a Ford Transit van, about $32k in student loans (most dating back to 1998), and about $40k in credit card debt. 

Ward Scott Files provided the documents that we used to research this article.

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